‘Yellowstone’ New Star Finn Little Gives Major Shout Out to Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser

by Thad Mitchell

Australian actor Finn Little made his highly anticipated “Yellowstone” debut over the weekend and it looks he’ll be around for a while.

Little is one of the youngest members of the “Yellowstone” cast at 15 years of age. Little’s excitement for appearing on the show was evident via his recent social media activity. He launched a countdown to the fourth season premiere on his Instagram page, endearing himself to the “Yellowstone” fan base. Little made a big impression in the season debut, playing Carter to perfection. “Yellowstone” fans certainly want to see more of Finn Little’s Carter as the season kicks into high gear. It appears this wish is going to be granted as Carter’s storyline seems to be intertwined with that of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton.

On Monday, Little took to social media to praise the work of his “Yellowstone” co-stars. He gives fellow castmates Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) a shout-out for their performances. He also thanks the 8 million fans tuning into the fourth season premiere.

“What a ride last night was!” Little says in his social media post. “Thank you for watching and for all the kind comments that have been sent my way…it’s a little overwhelming! How good were Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser on Yellowstone last night! 8 million viewers can’t be wrong.”

Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly were indeed fantastic in the season four opening episode. Finn Little was also terrific in his “Yellowstone” debut and we look forward to seeing even more of the young actor. His character is likely to be a focal point of the new season and Little has experience working with creator Taylor Sheridan.

‘Yellowstone’ Introduces Us to Finn Little’s Character, Carter

When we first meet Carter, he is sitting alone on a bench along the sidewalk outside of the hospital. Beth Dutton, making a visit to see her father, sits down on the next bench over. The conversation between Beth and Carter in this scene is one of the top moments of the first “Yellowstone” episode.

Carter tells Beth that his father is dying of drug addiction before asking her for a cigarette. Beth shares that her father is also dying due to “the 21st century” as she puts it. The two form an instant bond when Beth hears what Carter says to his brain-dead father.

Later, with no place to go, Carter tells a police officer that Beth is his legal guardian. Beth goes along with it and invites Carter in for dinner at her “Yellowstone” home. Rip initially kicks Carter out of the house before changing his mind when he realizes that Beth has bonded with the boy.

While it is unlikely the trio is going to be a common “happy” family, we sure hope to see more of them.