‘Yellowstone’ Ranks #1 in Nielsen’s Top Time-Shifted Programs in 2020

by Madison Miller

“Yellowstone” is the show to watch right now.

“Yellowstone” is the No.1 most-watched time-shifted telecast, according to Nielsen statistics.

Nielsen Media Research conducts the Nielsen ratings, which are audience measurement systems. The goal is to determine the audience size and the composition of programming in the U.S.

According to Deadline, “Yellowstone” had the highest percentage viewership increase after seven days of playback for a linear show. “The Walking Dead” was No.7 on this same list.

Football predictably dominates the telecasts. Entertainment shows like “The Masked Singer” and The Oscars were the only other shows to at all compete with live football.

Other programs such as “Emergence,” “Stumptown,” and “This Is Us” are all noted as their percentage of viewers for their category.

Even though streaming services have been taking over the world, network television has seen a small rise recently. This is likely due to COVID-19 with people being bored out of their minds and more categories of people being stuck at home.

According to Statista, the revenue for streaming video services like Netflix are at a total of 16 billion. A whopping 62% of U.S. adults currently subscribe to at least one streaming service.

‘Yellowstone’ Has a Lack of Nominations

Therefore, the fact that shows like “Yellowstone” are doing so well on cable television is a huge accomplishment.

Despite the huge rise in viewers, “Yellowstone” lacks awards. The show did not receive a single nomination for an Emmy Award this year.

An article from Popculture shared many fans’ disappointment in this decision.

The article states that “one user felt Reilly was snubbed for Best Actress, calling it a ‘travesty’ and writing, ‘She’s consistently the best actress on TV with such a well-written story, cast and crew.’ Another user was simply blown away that the show wasn’t up for a single category, ‘This show is so Emmy worthy I cannot believe they did not get one nomination!'”

However, Emmy nominators just couldn’t turn their heads from huge hits on streaming platforms like Netflix. In fact, Netflix received 160 nominations.

The Dutton family will reappear at their Montana ranch for season 4 soon. Emmy or not, fans will see more of Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser soon enough.