‘Yellowstone’ Releases Preview of Season 4, And It Looks Absolutely Intense

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” is the gift that keeps on giving, and last night it gave us a special sneak peek at the rest of the episodes in Season 4.

From the looks of it, the Duttons have a lot of violence and life-changing decisions in store. The stakes only get higher and higher as they get closer to losing their seven-generation ranch. Could it be a coincidence that “1883” comes out with the Dutton origin story just as the family’s poised to lose everything?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First off, let’s see what the Season 4 teaser clues us into. You can check it out in the Tweet below, and then we’ll dive in.

“God damn you for putting me in this situation. Care to send me to heaven before I park your sorry ass in hell?” John Dutton wastes no time in upping the ante in this opening scene. He’s about to kill someone, but it doesn’t look like he’s particularly keen to do it. Could it be somebody he once cared about that betrayed him? My “Yellowstone” senses point to Jamie, but we’ll have to wait until later this season to find out.

Then we jump to some quick action sequences featuring the police and a SWAT team. Meanwhile, Beth’s voice-over is providing the facts: “There is no morality here, Dad. There is keep the kingdom or there is lose the kingdom.”

Next, in a surprising reveal, Kayce actually speaks against his sister. “Beth has everybody so twisted up,” he says. So, not just John, but possibly Jamie too? Or Rip?

It certainly seems like Jamie’s gearing up to become a villain this season.

More From the ‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Preview Teaser

Jamie looks worried and scared in one brief shot, and then it jumps to his biological father, Garrett Randall, holding his face between his hands. “John Dutton used you,” Garrett says intensely. Maybe between him and Beth, they’re preparing Jamie to betray his adopted father.

John then gives another ominous quote, saying, “We don’t kill sheep. We kill wolves.” Coincidence that the next shot shows Jacki Weaver’s character, Caroline Weaver? “Yellowstone” is hyping her up to be a major wolf this season.

We get a glimpse of Piper Perabo’s character, Summer, a protestor from Portland. She and Beth seem to butt heads quite a bit. Though we also see Summer at the Dutton’s dinner table.

And then a huge scene occurs right around the one-minute mark. John goes out to meet Chairman Rainwater and Mo in the middle of nowhere. Rainwater says he’s there to tell John who ordered the attack on the Dutton family. Right after he says that the “Yellowstone” teaser actually jumps to three different faces: Jamie, Caroline Warner, and… Beth’s old boss Bob from Schwartz & Meyer. Could Bob have made a deal with Market Equities to set Beth and the Duttons up?

But the teaser gets even better. Mo and Rainwater actually captured one of the perpetrators, with Mo saying, “This is worth the wait, John.” Mo starts to take the sack off the person’s head right when the video cuts again. But we know they do find someone who’s responsible.

In one last climactic scene, Jamie tells Beth to turn around. He holds a gun pointed at her, promising a breaking point between these two. John ends the teaser by saying, “Make no mistake. This is our graveyard.” The only question is, will they be burying friends or foes?

Tune in to “Yellowstone” on the Paramount Network next Sunday at 8 p.m. EST to find out.