‘Yellowstone’: Rip Learns Major John Dutton Secret in Tonight’s Episode

by Thad Mitchell
'Yellowstone' Rip Learns Major John Dutton Secret in Tonight's Episode

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” could be in for a real doozy with tonight’s (Sunday) brand new season.

A new teaser trailer for tonight’s episode dropped earlier today and has “Yellowstone” fans cranking up the excitement. A lot of action is packed into the 30-second clip and it appears we could be getting some answers to long-awaited questions. One of the most interesting moments in the trailer occurs at the very beginning. John Dutton and Rip Wheeler are traveling to an unknown location inside a “Yellowstone” vehicle. John informs Rip that he knows who tried to kill him as a concerned look overcomes Rip’s face. Fans of the show can’t wait to see how Rip reacts when he learns of who tried to kill his boss and future father-in-law. We wouldn’t want to be the bad guys in this situation with Rip on a trail of destruction.

The trailer of the eighth “Yellowstone” episode of season four hit social media this morning. It already has fans buzzing as there is a lot of storyline being teased in the trailer. If you have not yet seen the new “Yellowstone” trailer, don’t worry — Outsider has your back.

“Who’s ready for an all-new episode of Yellowstone tonight?” the social media post asks.

You can bet millions of hands shot skyward to answer this question as we are all ready for tonight’s new episode.

So, just who is the culprit behind the attacks on the Dutton family? It is the question that has plagued “Yellowstone” fans for a very long time.

In a previous episode, Jamie Dutton’s biological father, Garrett Randall, confesses to the attack? Is that it? Case closed?

Far from it.

‘Yellowstone’ is Building a Mystery That Fans Can’t Solve

Yes, Garrett Randall confesses to being behind the attempts on the Dutton’s lives. But something tells us that the full scale of this mystery has yet to be discovered.

You can bet your bottom dollar that “Yellowstone” has another twist or two up its sleeve before season four concludes. It just wouldn’t be “Yellowstone” without all the twists and turns and suspense.

An ex-con, Randall certainly has the contacts to pull of an attack of this magnitude. The question is does he have the resources? You’re looking at laying down a large sum of money for an attack of this magnitude. Also, with the Duttons being so politically connected, the attackers would be assuming a great deal of risk — and that doesn’t come cheap.

Perhaps we’ll get another piece of the puzzle in tonight’s new episode. We are down to the final three episodes and there is still a lot that needs to be hashed out before the season four finale.