‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Approaches, Fans Go into Hyper Analysis Mode About Beth Dutton’s Survival Chances

by Thad Mitchell

The third season finale of the hit Paramount Network Series “Yellowstone” was not kind to the Dutton family.

Three members of the Dutton family come under attack in the final episode of “Yellowstone’s” third season. The fates of these three characters are left totally up in the air, leaving fans to speculate on their condition. John Dutton is gunned down on the side of the road while assisting a stranded family. John’s son, Kayce Dutton, is also ambushed as he sit in his office. He is able to flip over his desk and take cover as the unknown gunmen approach. John’s only daughter, Beth Dutton, may have gotten the worst of the attack. She is mere feet from a bomb that explodes inside of her office when her assistant opens a mysterious package. The powerful blast is enough to knock out a majority of the office complex’s windows.

Now, “Yellowstone” fans are speculating on Beth’s chances of surviving the exploding bomb. In a recent Reddit thread, fans analyze just how likely it is that Beth is alive heading into the fourth season.

“What is the likely hood of someone surviving a bomb like that?” a Reddit user asks. I have rewatched the scene so many times looking to see if there was shrapnel, but I couldn’t really tell. Either way I think there’s going to be some serious injuries sustained. What kind of livable injury could Beth even get with an explosion that big? Like that bomb nearly blew up the building, there’s no way she’s just getting a bruise from it.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh in on Beth Dutton’s Survival Odds

Common sense would tell us that someone that close to an exploding bomb would likely not survive. But, “Yellowstone” is a television show the laws of physics don’t always exactly exist on TV. In fact, most believe that Beth will be alive and well heading into the fourth season. At the very least, she is likely to be greatly injured from the explosion.

“I have anticipated all along that Beth will be maimed in some way, which of course will throw a wrench in her relationship with Rip,” another Redditor predicts. “Whether she’ll be scarred, disfigured or lose a limb or be confined to a wheelchair or whatever, who knows.”

The status of the Dutton family is one of the great “Yellowstone” mysteries heading into the fourth season. Each of the three could be dead, alive or gravely injured — we simply do not know at this juncture.

The other great “Yellowstone” mystery is just who is behind the attacks on the prominent Dutton family. There is no shortage of suspects with motivation to do away with the ranch owners.

We are now under two months before “Yellowstone” returns for its fourth season and answers are (hopefully) coming soon.