‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Biggest Questions We Still Need Answered Before the Finale

by Leanne Stahulak

This season of “Yellowstone” really divided fans, including longtime ones who have supported the show from the beginning.

Primarily, “Yellowstone” fans find it hard to care or focus much on the central storyline of the show. And really, that’s made complicated by the fact that it feels like several tiny storylines have taken off and crashed before getting anywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint a central storyline this season because everything gets overshadowed by a new drama that pops up every week and fizzles out immediately.

On the “Yellowstone” Reddit site, one fan posted their thoughts on how this season feels like the “Seinfeld” season of the show. Primarily, because “this is the season about nothing.”

“The main characters all get gunned down/blow away in the finale of last season and four episodes into this season and it’s all but forgotten,” the original poster wrote. “No one has bothered to ask Jamie what the prison inmate who organized the ambushes told him? Really? Instead, we get lots of little storylines that go nowhere.”

It’s a fair point. We still have questions about Garrett Randall ordering the attack, and what the Duttons are doing to investigate it.

The poster then goes on to list several plot points that, when put together, do sound like they take away from the main “Yellowstone” plot. We have the llama farmer thrown under the cattle guard, horse thieves, the Lloyd v. Walker drama, the Native American remains found at the Market Equities construction site, flashbacks to 1883, Jimmy working at the Four-Sixes, and Kayce’s family getting a house and dog.

None of that has to do with the central conflict around who ordered the attack on the Duttons and how will the family preserve the ranch. Some of it’s interesting enough to stand on its own. ut when all those other plot points are piled on top, it’s hard to figure out what we should or should not care about.

So, What Do We Want to Know Before the ‘Yellowstone’ Finale?

Really, we want to know what happens when John figures out that Garrett Randall ordered the attack. This conflict should’ve built up way, way earlier in the season. Like how Dan Jenkins, the Beck Brothers, and even Market Equities were in previous seasons.

Speaking of, we want to know what happened between Thomas Rainwater and Market Equities. How did the bones factor into the new construction? What are they plotting against the Duttons? Will Rainwater once again ally with John?

And then there’s the Jamie dynamic. John sent Kayce to get his help tracking down the attackers, but did Kayce ever follow up? We know that Jamie knows his bio dad did it, but wouldn’t Kayce check-in to see Jamie’s progress?

And then there’s Kayce. He’s clearly doing an incredible job as the Livestock Commissioner, but what’s next for him? It feels like his character has stalled a bit, even as his family expands. Is he just destined to be a family man from here on out?

Tell us what else you want to know before the finale, Outsiders and “Yellowstone” fans. And make sure you catch the penultimate episode this Sunday on the Paramount Network.