‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Does Summer Higgins Have Devious Plan After Visiting Dutton Ranch?

by Thad Mitchell

Piper Perabo made her “Yellowstone” debut a week ago and now fans of the popular show wonder just exactly what she is up to.

On “Yellowstone,” Perabo plays Summer Higgins, an animals rights activist and environmentalist with a mind for starting trouble. She comes to Montana to spark a protest over the state’s industrialized farming laws.

When we first meet Summer, she encourages fellow protesters to push it to the next level. The protesters do exactly that, launching a rock in the direction of Kayce Dutton’s head. John Dutton is having none of it and has Summer and other protesters arrested and says he’ll press charges.

The next day, he has a change of heart and bails Summer out of jail. Not only does he get her out of the slammer, but plans to show her around “Yellowstone” Ranch. Hilarity ensues the next day when Summer and Beth Dutton butt heads and Gator has no idea what “gluten” is. John drives Summer back to town but stops along the way to assist a wayward calf who has somehow gotten out of the fence. Summer seemingly looks upon the act as a sign of kindness…or does she?

Some “Yellowstone” fans think Summer is up to no good, scheming a way to take down the Duttons. She watches as John and Rip cut open the fence and bring the calf back to the pasture. In a recent Reddit thread, fans discuss theories.

“She watches the way they cut and fixed the fence,” a Redditor points out. “She says if there were no fences the cow wouldn’t be on the other side. Rip says they don’t carry the tool to make the line tight. I think her or the protest group are going to let the cows out.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Speculate on Summer Higgins’ Motive

It is a solid and very conceivable theory that Summer is out to free the Dutton family’s livestock. She did seem to bond with John Dutton a little though so maybe she pushes back against that idea.

“That or she’s understanding the care John has for his cows,” another fan says. “It seemed suspect to me. I can’t trust that pretty-looking face.”

Whatever her next move against the “Yellowstone” Ranch may be — Summer has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. While her heart may be in the right place with her love of animals, it seems she is destined to be trouble for the Dutton family.

“Yellowstone” fans would certainly like to see her and Beth Dutton go another round and chances are this wish will be granted. Something tells me we’ve not seen the last of these blonde beauties going face to face.

We’ll learn more about Summer and her plans for destruction with a new episode this Sunday.