‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 3: Fans Have Seriously Strong Emotions About That Monica Scene

by Thad Mitchell

If there is one character on “Yellowstone” that fans of the show have mixed feelings about — it’s Monica Dutton.

“Yellowstone” fans aren’t exactly sure what to do with Monica Dutton as she can be viewed with a couple of different lights. Monica is the wife of Kayce Dutton and the mother of “Yellowstone” youngster, Tate Dutton. The Native American has had an eventful life through three “Yellowstone” seasons. She, along with her son, Tate, was front and center in the latest episode. In the season four premiere, Monica barely escapes death from men attacking the Dutton Ranch. Pinned to the ground by an attacker, Monica is able to escape the situation with a lot of help from Tate. Only a child, Tate is forced to take his first life as he shoots and kills the attacker with a shotgun. He appears mortified at his own actions as his mother comes to comfort him.

In the third episode, it is clear that both Monica and Tate are having a tough time coping with the incident. They’ve taken a room on the “Yellowstone” Ranch and appear content to wallow in their own pitty. Tate has apparently found some sort of odd comfort by taking up residence under the bed. When his father, Kayce Dutton, pulls him out from under the bed, he flips out but eventually regains his composure. “Yellowstone” fans are still talking about the unsettling scene in a recent Reddit thread.

“Can we all agree Monica is the most annoying female lead since Lori on The Walking Dead?” a fan asks.

Those are some strong words as Lori Grimes is one of the most hated characters in television history. Is Monica really that bad? Some people think the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Monica’s Parenting Skills

The dislike of Monica Dutton is strong in the Reddit post. It isn’t an indictment of Kelsey Asbille‘s work as Monica, but instead a sign that fans simply don’t like Monica.

“Monica is absolutely starting to get on my nerves,” a “Yellowstone” fan replies.

I found her annoying in this episode as well, but in her defense, someone tried to murder her, and her child had to kill someone,” another says. “Her reaction is pretty reasonable.”

Another thought among “Yellowstone” fans is that Monica is hoping to break away from the Duttons, sensing she doesn’t belong on the ranch.

“She’s not a Dutton, the fan says. “She made that extremely clear, she’s a Long.”

While some fans could care less about Monica, practically everyone wants to see Tate get well. We very well could see Monica return to her Native American roots to search out healing for her and her son.

We’ll learn more about Monica’s situation as the fourth season moves along.