‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 3 Scene With Gator Leaves Fans Wildly Disappointed

by Thad Mitchell

The most recent episode of “Yellowstone” saw the return of a beloved character but some fans think he doesn’t get deserved credit.

Gator, the Dutton Family’s personal cook, showed up in last night’s “Yellowstone” episode doing what he does best. What Gator does best is whip up hot, delicious meals for the family that employs him as their chef. Though he isn’t a major character on the show, Gator shows up from time to time, mostly in the Dutton family kitchen. While he has very few lines on the show, Gator has become extremely well-liked by the show’s enormous fan base. Gator is always around when the family needs to eat or a sympathetic ear to bend. He’s extremely loyal to the family, having been with them for a number of years. Now, some fans are saying it is time for the Dutton family to give Gator the respect he deserves. He’s the main topic of conversation in a recent Reddit thread.

“Can please eat what Gator makes? Please?” a fan asks. “He goes through all that trouble every day.”

Gator pops up in the third episode of season four that aired just last night (Sunday). After cooking up a delicious meal for the family, Kayce Dutton asks Gator to prepare a couple of plates. Gator complies, filling two plates full of food. Kayce takes the plates upstairs to his wife, Monica Dutton, and son, Tate Dutton. Monica and Tate are still reeling after Monica gets attacked and Tate kills a man. The effects of the incident are still very much with them. Monica and Tate decline the meal that Gator has prepared for them.

“The ranch might turn a profit if they didn’t make Gator cook a full buffet for 3 people every meal,” another fan says.

‘Yellowstone’ Want to See More of Gator the Cook

As you’ve probably figured out, most of the Reddit thread is tongue-in-cheek responses from “Yellowstone” fans. Still, there are those pushing for more screen time for Gator and his immense cooking talent.

“As a cook, it makes me so sad whenever they don’t eat what he makes!” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “Like, do you understand the trouble he went through? At least send it down to the bunkhouse!”

Another poster in the “Yellowstone” Reddit thread thinks they may have spotted Gator in another scene from the third episode.

“I do believe that was Gator outside cooking up vittles the ranch hands were snacking on as they drooled about the cost of the trailers and horses,” a fan writes.

Will we see Gator whipping up some more meals for the Duttons as the season rolls on? Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of the super chef in the ongoing third season.