‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Everything to Know About Jacki Weaver

by John Jamison

Yellowstone Season 4 is here. And boy, did it hit the ground running. The first episode of the two-hour premiere event saw all-out warfare erupt, it introduced us to Finn Little’s Carter character, and we got to see Kevin Costner’s John Dutton wake up from a coma sporting a full-on beard. The second episode will introduce fans to Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner. And if the season opener is any indication, Weaver’s character will only turn the heat up on the Dutton’s situation.

So what do we know about Caroline Warner? We know that Market Equities brought her in as CEO in the wake of Beth Dutton’s takedown of Willa Hayes (Karen Pittman). And knowing Willa Hayes, her replacement will be a formidable enemy, to say the least.

“Yellowstone” star Jacki Weaver said as much in a recent interview with TV Insider.

“She’s a city slicker walking through fields of cowpats in designer heels and classy tailored suits. She looks out of place, but she’s terrifying. She takes no prisoners, treats everyone badly–and is going to add another dimension to the huge cataclysmic drama that is the Duttons,” said Weaver.

So we have an idea of who Caroline Warner is going to be on Yellowstone. But who is the woman behind Caroline Warner? Who has the show tasked with opposing Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and the walking vengeance that is the Dutton family?

Well, for starters, she’s a two-time Academy Award-nominated actor. She earned the first nomination for her supporting role in 2010’s Animal Kingdom. Just two years later, she was nominated for Silver Linings Playbook.

The Australian-born talent has been acting since the early 1960s and has racked up 90 credits since. Most recently, you may have seen the veteran starring in the TV series Bloom as Gwen Reed.

Where Do Jacki Weaver’s Character and Market Equities Stand to Begin Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’?

We’re going to go out on a limb and say inheriting Willa Hayes’ position as CEO of Market Equities is more of a curse than a blessing. Then again, we’re not Caroline Warner. For all we know, it was Warner behind the wholesale attack on the Dutton family in the first place.

The Duttons are doing their best to clean house when it comes to Market Equities—a company with seemingly endless resources.

When we first meet Jacki Weaver’s character, she’s doing her best to navigate the precarious nature of her position. Market Equities discovered tribal relics on Yellowstone land, which will delay their designs for a while at least. It appears that she’s trying to strike a deal, and therefore a tentative alliance, with Thomas Rainwater.

Only time will tell where Caroline Warner goes, but thus far, we’re more than happy with Jacki Weaver’s portrayal of the character.