‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Fans Debate ‘Catchphrase of the Season’

by Thad Mitchell

With only two episodes left in the fourth season, “Yellowstone” fans are trying to savor what is left before another long hiatus.

Of course, just because season four is ending doesn’t mean “Yellowstone” fans will stop talking about their favorite show. It is quite the opposite, actually, as fans of the modern western will look to the internet for their “Yellowstone” fix. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are full of “Yellowstone” discussion. Internet forum message boards, like Reddit, have entire sections devoted to nothing but “Yellowstone” talk. Though season four is almost over, the show isn’t going away anytime soon.

A recent thread on Reddit has “Yellowstone” fans debating what the top catchphrase of season four is. There are plenty of selections for this honor as this season has been full of great lines. Some of the top choices include lines from John Dutton, Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler and even newcomer Caroline Warner. In the Reddit thread, fans conduct an unofficial poll of the best lines from season four. A clear winner emerges from the very get-go as a line muttered by multiple characters rises to the top.

“Control the Narrative.”

“We’ve heard this at least six times in the last two episodes” a Reddit user points out. “Does this mean ‘the Alamo’ has been retired?”

The poster is correct– we’ve heard these words come from the mouths of several “Yellowstone” characters. Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner says it while scheming a way to force the Dutton Family’s hand. We’ve also heard it from Governor Lynelle Perry and Beth Dutton. It seems controlling the narrative is the goal of more than one entity on the show. Executing this plan will be a big part of who comes out on top to end season four.

‘Yellowstone’ Has Just Two More Episodes in Season Four

Fans of the hit show are on pins and needles as we hit the home stretch of the fourth season. There are numerous directions the show could go in the last few episodes and we are all anxious to find out just who will “control the narrative.”

Garrett Randall, Jamie Dutton’s biological father, is trying to convince his son to take on John Dutton in a race for governor. It seems Jamie is conflicted about what to do and doesn’t think he can beat his adoptive father. Will Randall be able to boost his confidence enough to encourage him to run?

It also looks like “Yellowstone” will have another explosive ending as the final seconds tick away. We can’t wait to see what happens as several cast members have teased another nail-biting cliffhanger of an ending.

We will find out soon enough with the ninth “Yellowstone” episode coming on Sunday and the finale set for next week.