‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Fans Talk Rip Unleashing Hell If He Learns Beth’s Secret

by Thad Mitchell

Shine up your boots and put on your best cowboy hat because another brand new episode of “Yellowstone” is nearly here.

With the most recent episode, we have reached the midway point in “Yellowstone’s” fourth season. As we begin the back half of season four, we have more questions than answers at this point. One of the biggest questions we hope to have an answer to soon is just how Rip Wheeler will act when he learns Beth Dutton’s secret. It’s the subject of discussion in the latest “Yellowstone” Reddit thread.

We know that Rip knows his future wife can’t bear children but he doesn’t know as Beth has kept it a secret from him. It seems likely that he will eventually learn the truth but what he will do once he finds out is the big question.

After becoming pregnant at a very young age, Beth seeks the help of her older brother, Jamie Dutton. Jamie takes Beth to a clinic to have the pregnancy terminated — but there’s a catch. In order to have the procedure done, Jamie agrees to have his young sister undergo a hysterectomy without her knowledge. The procedure is a success, terminating Beth’s pregnancy and leaving her infertile. She’s held it against her brother ever since. As much disdain as Beth has for Jamie, you would think Beth would want to tell Rip what happened. Rip might just take Jamie to the train station immediately. Reddit users and ‘Yellowstone” fans discuss the topic in the thread.

“Rip won’t kill Jamie without John’s permission and if John wanted Jamie dead for that, he would be already,” a fan says.

“Predictably, he will get level 10 enraged and there will be a slow build-up to him killing Jamie,” another says. “Or he and Beth will do it together.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Rip’s Reaction to Beth’s Secret

You have to wonder just how will Rip will learn the truth about Beth’s long-held secret. Some fans went back in time to question just how the situation came about in the first place.

“I find it funny that people don’t think that the siblings didn’t know something was definitely going on with her and Rip,” a Redditor writes. “They probably warned her or maybe even Jamie was on her ass about not going too far with Rip. Remember they had an even older sibling, Lee, who was working on the ranch. Beth and rip were fooling around for a while I bet before she got pregnant.”

We may not see it tonight, but the thought here is that Rip will indeed learn the truth about Beth and Jamie. What happens then? Well, all hell breaks loose — that’s what happens then.

“Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see and they may soon get their wish.