‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Kelly Reilly Reveals ‘Reason’ for Beth to Stay at Ranch

by Lauren Boisvert

Beth Dutton has gone through so much on “Yellowstone”, it’s a surprise that she’s still sane. Especially in the latest episode; her father dismissed her from the ranch, citing that she made a huge mistake getting Summer arrested. Beth broke down after. Her father has never rejected her like that before. Through all of the horror, though, there’s one constant: Rip Wheeler.

They’ve been close since they were kids; at the end of “Yellowstone” season 3, they finally got engaged. There are no two people who are more suited for each other; their first official date involved getting drunk watching wolves tear an elk carcass apart, for crying out loud. Match made in heaven.

So, it makes sense that there’s only one thing that will keep Beth at the ranch even though John dismissed her: again, Rip Wheeler.

In conversation with TV Insider, Kelly Reilly spoke about Beth’s determination to stay at the ranch for one thing and one thing only. “If there’s going to be a reason for her to stay after this,” said Reilly, “it’s going to be because of Rip.”

Even though she went to Walker when she broke down at the end of episode 9, Beth’s still devoted to Rip. She doesn’t think she can go to Rip because she doesn’t want him to see her like that; weak and broken. Beth wants to stay strong for Rip, but something tells me he wouldn’t think any less of her for showing a moment of weakness.

Reilly continued, “Beth has always thought that she’s at war, except when she’s with Rip.” That just goes to show how important they are to each other; if anyone can survive this season, it’s Beth and Rip together.

‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Lets a Mysterious Hint Slip About Beth

In the same interview with TV Insider, Kelly Reilly hinted at something that may spell bad luck for Beth. She said that Beth’s “final act is one that she feels is not necessarily just for her father, but for herself.”

That word choice is important: “final act.” I’ve previously wondered, is she talking about Beth’s death in the finale, or just the last thing she does of “Yellowstone” season 4? Something tells me that Kelly Reilly wouldn’t be so bold as to give away her character’s death so glibly.

Reilly continued, “[Beth’s] appetite for vengeance and retribution is unlike any other character I’ve ever played or seen. She will risk her life for that. In the end, she goes lone wolf.”

Again, there’s a big emphasis on wolves on “Yellowstone.” They represent loyalty and family connections, intelligence and communication. Kayce is dealing with the wolf right now, but it’s also not farfetched to conclude that it represents Beth as well.