‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Is Now Two Weeks in, Here’s What Fans Think So Far

by Thad Mitchell

We are now two weeks and three episodes deep into the fourth season of “Yellowstone” and long-time fans of the show are sharing their thoughts.

This season started with a rush of pure adrenaline in one of the most exciting opening sequences that we’ve ever seen. It was a don’t blink or you might miss something type of beginning to the new “Yellowstone” season and it got fans hype for things to come. Since that opening sequence, things have leveled off as new storylines take center stage.

Spoilers below if you have not seen episode 3!

Much like the first, the third episode of “Yellowstone” took fans on a wild ride as the Dutton family is ready to fight back. The Duttons and their team of cowboys and livestock agents make light work of the Montana Militia from the second season. We got the opening sequence action that every fan has been craving as the first few minutes of episode three was an ass-kicking clinic.

While the action sequences have been beyond excellent so far, “Yellowstone” fans are sharing their thoughts on season four so far. Surprisingly, fan reviews of season four have been a mixed bag. Fans now have the modern western goodness they’ve been missing since the end of the third season. But, some fans made clear they are much less enthused about the developing storylines. In a recent Reddit thread, some watchers say the thought of changing the channel entered their minds in the third episode.

“So, anyone else not happy with the show?” a “Yellowstone” fan asks. “Feel like we’re just seeing an hour-long commercial for Ram, Coors and any other (Taylor) Sheridan project.”

A couple of other “Yellowstone” watchers agree with this notion.

“Yep, this show was carried by great acting and scenery on seasons 1-3,” another fan says.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Fourth Season

Of course, not all the reviews of season four are negative. Several fans say they are enjoying season four and gave the third episode high marks.

“I actually really liked episode 3,” a “Yellowstone” watcher proclaims. “I thought the show got back to what made it popular in the first place. The script was fine (except for a bit too much with horse spinning), the acting was fine, the dialog, story, visuals and music were fine.”

“I loved every line this episode,” another fan writes in response.

As you can see, the reactions of “Yellowstone” fans are pretty evenly spread. Some are loving the new season while others have found themselves a tad disappointed.

With just three episodes so far, it’s probably too early to declare season four a success or failure. “Yellowstone” has wowed us before and might just do it again if we allow the new season to play out.

Season four has already had its highs and lows but we are excited to see what comes next.