‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Star Finn Little’s New Montana Vid Shows Beauty of Great Outdoors

by Thad Mitchell

Young actor Finn Little is drawing rave reviews for his performance in the fourth season premiere of “Yellowstone.”

Little’s role as the new character, Carter, was one of the most highly-anticipated moments of beginning episodes. He certainly did not disappoint as it looks like Carter will have a big spotlight as the season rolls on. Little has experience working with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. He starred in Sheridan’s latest film “Those Who Wish Me Dead” earlier this year. He’s a nice addition to the “Yellowstone” cast and plays his character quite well. Carter is a down on his luck youngster with nowhere to turn. The debut episode sees him form an unlikely bond with Beth Dutton that is certain to be a focal point as we move deeper into the season.

Little, along with the rest of the cast, has put in a ton of hard work to get season four off the ground and running. With filming for the fourth season complete, Little says he’s going to enjoy some peace and quiet. In his latest social media post, the 15-year-old “Yellowstone” star says it’s time to rest. He plans to lean on nature for calm and relaxation.

“It’s busy,” he says in the Tuesday morning social media post. “It’s time to rest.”

It is some well-earned rest time for the Australian actor whose debut on “Yellowstone” was smashing success. Several fans chime in on the post to share their appreciation for Finn Little’s work on the show.

“So happy that Beth and Rip have a baby!” one fan writes. “Welcome to our favorite show!”

“You were awesome in the first two episodes!” another fan proclaims. “Can’t wait to see what you do this season!”

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Finn Little Makes Big Impression

“Yellowstone” fans have already taken a strong liking to Finn Little and Carter.

When we first meet Carter, his father is on his deathbed as he waits outside on a park bench. He strikes up a conversation with Beth Dutton as her father is in recovery at the same hospital. The scene with Beth and Carter is excellent and a highlight of the first two hours of the first season. “Yellowstone” writers give us a real look inside the mindset of these characters.

She never says it aloud, but Beth likely takes to Carter because he reminds her of Rip. Orphaned at a young age, Rip ended up at “Yellowstone” Ranch and that looks to be the case with Carter as well.

Rip did not initially take to Carter in the same that Beth did. But, after seeing his future wife has strong feelings on this one, he gives in.

It’s an unusual family pairing between the trio, but we can’t wait to see what happens next in this storyline.