‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Stars Discusses Beth Breaking ‘Fundamental Rule’ in Episode 9

by Lauren Boisvert

On a recent segment of Stories from the Bunkhouse, the Youtube “Yellowstone” after-show from Paramount, stars Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Jefferson White discuss what went down in episode 9. At one point, they get to the subject of Beth Dutton, and what she did to Summer Higgins.

For context, Beth used Summer and got her thrown in jail. Potentially, she could be in prison for at least 8 years. The boys talk about the consequences of Beth’s actions, and why she did this to Summer in the first place.

“When you break down what Beth does to Summer,” Ian Bohen starts, “It’s atrocious taking away someone’s freedom.”

Jefferson White begins to explain Beth’s plan, stating, “she’s going to get these protesters to […] protest the [Market Equities] build site […] what she’s doing is she’s using Summer absolutely callously, as a pawn to cause the most controversy possible, to slow the process of the build down. ‘Cause she thought she was trying to protect John, and John says, ‘not like this, I’m disappointed in you.’ So I think that’s brutal for her, ’cause Beth has done a lot of terrible things […] and it’s always for John.”

Beth has done everything in her life for her father, and the “Yellowstone” boys mention that. Denim Richards says she can always justify her actions, because she did everything for John.

Richards continues, diving into John Dutton’s psyche a bit. He says, “I think, for John, it’s harder for him to feel ‘you did this for me’ because this was literally someone who did nothing to [Beth], aside from just make [John] happy.”

“Anybody who Beth thinks of as sort of challenging her mom’s memory in any way, she sort of can’t reconcile it,” added White.

‘Yellowstone’: Beth ‘Breaks a Fundamental Rule’

Ian Bohen comments on John’s fairness in the moment where he tells off Beth, saying, “When she said ‘Daddy I want to throw a rattlesnake in Roarke’s face’ he said ‘sure baby go ahead’. But she didn’t ask if she could put Summer in jail for potentially 8 years, because she knew that that’s not fair. And that’s why he’s disappointed, because she broke a fundamental rule. And I think that’s worthy of a reset.”

That reset has come in the form of John kicking Beth off the ranch and out of her home. Will she try everything to stay? Or will she go with her tail between her legs, shamed for her actions?

What happens next on “Yellowstone” is up to Beth. She can get violent, ruthless, unhinged, but I don’t see things happening quite like that. Something tells me she’s going to turn a corner, and try her hardest to get back into her father’s good graces.