‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Why Beth Isn’t Telling Rip Her Big Secret

by Thad Mitchell

The new season of “Yellowstone” is off to a great start and we aren’t even halfway through the season yet.

There are certainly more bombshells and iconic moments to come and one may be on the tip of Beth Dutton’s tongue. As practically “Yellowstone” fan knows, Beth is unable to bear children due to an incident involving her brother, Jamie Dutton, when they were younger. Jamie takes his little sister to a clinic to have her pregnancy terminated. In doing so, he agrees to the procedure that will leave Beth infertile. Beth has held a grudge against her brother ever since.

While he knows his future wife is unable to bear children, Rip Wheeler doesn’t know why because Beth hasn’t told him. It’s also been suggested that Rip did not he was the father of the aborted child. Should he find out — well, it’s likely to hit the fan. This scenario was a major topic of discussion after the most recent “Yellowstone” episode. Fans are asking if and when Rip finds out Jamie is behind his future wife’s infertility, is there a trip to the train station in the latter’s future. “Yellowstone” discussed and debated this subject in a recent Reddit thread.

“After rewatching last night’s episode, I wonder when Beth will choose to tell Rip that Jamie is the cause of her infertility?” a fan asks. “Especially thinks she still believes he was behind the attack on her family. Telling Rip would likely result in his going after Jamie.”

Some fans believe Beth may be keeping the secret from Rip for a devious reason — she wants to kill Jamie herself.

“She won’t tell Rip because she wants to kill him herself,” a Reddit user surmises. “Also, it was Rip’s baby, learning that would break his heart.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four is Getting Ready to Heat Up

It’s been an action-packed first three episodes for Yellowstone’s fourth season, it things may soon heat up.

“Yellowstone” fans can only imagine Rip’s reaction if he discovers Beth’s secret. You have to assume Jamie would be in a lot of trouble and his next destination could be the train station.

“You’re applying logic to a situation where there is none, in Beth’s own words,” another Redditor says. “While it would serve no purpose, her hate for Jamie is so deep she may just want to see him hurt. Especially if she feels Rip beginning to resent her infertility, as she says she foresees.”

It seems inevitable that Beth’s secret will come out and maybe even sooner than we think. The ramifications may be severe and cause an even deeper divide in the Dutton family. It is hard to imagine a positive outcome in this situation.

We will hopefully find out sooner than later as the fourth season of “Yellowstone” rolls on.