‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Wild Theories About Jamie Dutton’s Mom

by Jennifer Shea

Sunday’s episode of Yellowstone offered some new hints about what happened leading up to Jamie Dutton’s (Wes Bentley) biological mother’s death. And those hints have fans speculating about Jamie’s backstory anew.

In a new Reddit thread, fans dropped a range of theories as to why John Dutton (Kevin Costner) seemed to feel so strongly about defending Jamie’s mother. Was she his sister? His late wife Evelyn’s (Gretchen Mol) sister? A female ranch hand?

Fans are hoping that Taylor Sheridan sheds some more light on what happened to Jamie’s mother. And in the meantime, they’re debating what’s the most likely scenario.

Yellowstone Fans Speculate About Jamie’s Mom

One fan kicked the thread off by suggesting that Jamie’s mom was John’s sister. John’s conversation with Garrett Randall (Will Patton) certainly left fans with the impression that John had witnessed some part of the events surrounding her murder.

“John was obviously there either during or right [after] Garrett murdered her if he testified against him,” the fan wrote. “Why would he have been there if she wasn’t his sister? Garrett doesn’t seem like the type John would have just hung around and he knew alot about Jamie’s mother. It would explain why John and his wife adopted Jamie to begin with.”

Other fans suggested that Jamie’s mother was Evelyn’s sister. After all, if Randall had murdered John’s own sister, would John really have let him live long enough to be taken into custody by the authorities?

“I think theory makes more sense than John’s sister because usually you would love/care for your nephew, but it’s always seemed like the adoption was Evelyn’s idea,” another fan chimed in.

Still other fans argued that John and Jamie share no blood and only a last name, and it’s more likely Jamie’s mother or Randall was a ranch hand, which would explain how John knows about what went on between them. In any case, it’s clear John holds the key to Jamie’s backstory, and knows more than Jamie can find out from official legal documents.

What Happens Between John and Jamie?

In the trailer for the season finale, we also caught a glimpse of John saying he’d grown to love Jamie as a son in spite of himself. What brings on that confession? Is there a climactic scene involving John, Randall and/or Jamie? Or perhaps John and Beth (Kelly Reilly), who has always confronted John about caring too much for Jamie?

And will Jamie decide to officially launch his campaign, going up against John to run for governor, after all? He’ll have to distance himself from his biological father, who he’s grown increasingly close to, in order to do it. Thus far, Jamie seems torn about facing off against John and even more reluctant to distance from Randall.

Find out what happens in the suspenseful Yellowstone season finale next Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.