‘Yellowstone’ Season Finale: Kelly Reilly Says She ‘Feels for Jamie’

by Courtney Blackann

It just seems that Jamie Dutton can never make the right move or catch a break. The “Yellowstone” character is always the last of the Duttons children to be made aware. But he does it to himself to a degree. Some fans may argue that he just has different goals than John Dutton and wants the chance to explore those options. But Jamie always seems to be scared of his own shadow. That is until Beth Dutton gave him a few options of how he could handle his future in the “Yellowstone” season four finale. But while Beth Dutton may be a ruthless aggressor who doesn’t care what happens to Jamie, actress Kelly Reilly actually says she feels bad for Jamie.

Speaking in an interview with Paramount Network, Reilly shares how she understands where Beth is coming from with Jamie. But she also “feels for him,” because he can never catch a break.

Jamie is the reason that Beth will never have children with her now-husband Rip Wheeler. That privilege was taken from her after a teenaged Beth got pregnant by Rip and asked Jamie for help. And while the older Dutton brother did intend to help her, he neglected to tell his sister that the process she went through would make her sterile. This is something that Beth Dutton can never forgive Jamie for. She hates him with such a passion that she would sooner kill him than let his life be easy.

“She hates him with every fiber of her being. That’s quite a difficult space as an actor,” Reilly says. “She’s so out for blood with someone that she feels betrayed her. It’s such – it’s so, it gets so dark.”

Further, “Yellowstone” actor Wes Bentley shares in that frustration knowing he “just can’t get out from under the thumb of those people.”

“Reading that she’s got Jamie in that position, it’s frustrating,” Bentley says.

Additionally, Reilly says the siblings relationship feels “Shakespearian.”

“It feels tragic, it feels Greek and Shakespearian. And then she gives Jamie his options. “It’s so brutal. And what Taylor and his writing does is he gives us all such great reasons why we are the way we are. I feel for Jamie, you know? But at the same time if you’re looking from Beth’s perspective, knowing who she is, I understand why she’s doing it also,” Reilly remarks.

Beth and Jamie Dutton Continually at Odds for “Yellowstone” Finale

The two-hour season finale of “Yellowstone” surprised us all last night as it took several turns only Taylor Sheridan was capable of. The episode culminated when Jamie took the life of his own father, Garrett Randall after Beth threatened him. Then as he’s disposing of his birth father’s body, Beth shows up to capture a photo of Jamie. This is blackmail, she tells him. Because now she owns him.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for season five of “Yellowstone.”