‘Yellowstone’: Several Characters Exit in Recent Episode But Are They Gone for Good?

by Leanne Stahulak

On last night’s episode of “Yellowstone,” fans finally said goodbye to two characters who’ve been needing the boot for a while now.

It’s past time that Mia and Laramie hit the road, per some “Yellowstone” fans. Admittedly, Laramie did cause drama between Lloyd and Walker. And Mia influenced Jimmy’s priorities to make him choose her over the ranch, causing him to get injured and kicked out. But what about Teeter?

This was a plot twist that came out of nowhere. During the episode, Lloyd threw a knife at Walker, causing John to lay down some firm ground rules. Primarily, he said no more girls in the bunkhouse. And when Rip asked about Teeter and said she’s a good wrangler, John remained firm. No more girls.

By the time John made his decision, Mia had already left. She had nothing to keep here there now that Jimmy was gone. So she left while Lloyd threw his knife at Walker. The next day, Rip gave final checks to Laramie and Teeter, telling them to pack their bags.

Do We Really Have to See Teeter Leave ‘Yellowstone?’

Fans could tell Teeter was furious about the decision. We never technically saw her leave during this last “Yellowstone” episode, though. So could she find a way to stay? Change John or Rip’s mind?

The one thing she doesn’t have going for her is this new relationship with Colby. Rip and John would use this blossoming relationship against her, saying it’s clear proof why the bunkhouse needs to stay men-only. But if she broke up with Colby and swore to keep things professional, maybe she could keep her job.

And let’s not forget, Teeter’s branded now! Branded folks aren’t supposed to leave the ranch. They dedicate their lives to it or they die for betraying it. John and Rip know that Teeter’s always been faithful to the Yellowstone. So, how will they navigate this situation?

My guess is, Teeter won’t go anywhere anytime soon. She’s a fighter, and she’ll fight for the things she wants. If anything, that should show Rip and John that she’s worthy of staying. Unlike the barrel racer girls, who really just showed up and caused a boatload of trouble.

Will Laramie Truly Leave Walker Behind?

This is something the end of Episode 6 didn’t really address. Laramie took care of Walker after he got stabbed by Lloyd. She seemed ready to stay by his side and defend him from the old ranch hand after that. So, how likely is it that she’ll just pack up and leave if Walker’s staying behind?

It certainly doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere, much as he wants to. He knows his only path is death or living at the Yellowstone Ranch. It’s hard to say where or how Laramie factors into that once John says no more girls at the bunkhouse.

What do you think, Outsiders? Stay tuned for more updates on last night’s episode and next week’s coming one.