‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser on Moment Rip Was ‘Happy as He’s Ever Been’

by Liz Holland

“Yellowstone” Season 4 is coming to a close, fans are already fiending for what’s next. Star Cole Hauser shared in an interview with Taste of Country about what happiness means for his character, Rip Wheeler. Rip is a somewhat dark individual, who gets straight to the point and takes care of business. For someone who isn’t considered a particularly light-hearted guy, there’s no telling what truly makes him feel happy or at peace. 

Hauser provides some insight, speaking to how he thinks Rip felt prior to the finale of season 3. “I think Rip is … before everybody gets hurt and almost killed, I think he’s in that place of happiness, you know,” he says. “He’s doing what he wants to do, he’s been given this wonderful cabin by John. He’s in love, he’s ranching and doing the only thing he knows and loves to do. So I think prior to this cliffhanger in Season 3, and these kind of near-death experiences for all these characters, I think he’s about as happy as he’s ever been.”

Yellowstone Stars Cole Hauser and Kelly Reillys’ Off Screen Friendship

Speaking of being in love, Rip Wheeler’s romance with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) on “Yellowstone” is certainly a focal point of the show and of season 4. The two are crazy about each other, and it’s clear that their on-screen chemistry isn’t all acting. Off-screen, the pair are wonderful friends, and there’s no doubt it translates into the effortless dynamic between the characters.

Kelly Reilly elaborates on her friendship with Hauser in an interview with Looper. “We’re such good friends,” the starlet says.”And, honestly, we’re so lucky to have found each other. We get to go on this journey with these two incredible characters with each other. We’re both really protective of them, and we’re really passionate about the work. We’re both at a point in our careers where we found roles that we could put our soul and heart into. We really feel blessed. We don’t take it for granted. And we support each other and have fun.”

Trust Comes First For These Co-Stars

She also touches on how important the trust between the two is. Playing on-screen lovers can get complicated, but both actors are happily married, and Reilly says trust is one of the most important things that allows their performances to be so strong. “We trust each other,” Reilly explains. “I’ve been married for ten years, and he’s been married forever, and his wife’s incredible and wonderful. We’re all friends. So, it’s, like, there’s a level of trust there that allows us to really go as far as we go into the work with one another because we’re friends, and I think that’s really special.”

Cole Hauser credits Taylor Sheridan’s writing when it comes to the fan-favorite relationship. Hauser says, “I mean, you know, once again, I think Taylor did just a fantastic job of putting these two kids together, and seeing how they can grow, and how their heart can be more open. How they can navigate different waters together, and find even a stronger bond through those waters…..She’s one of my favorite actresses I’ve ever worked with, and working with her on this relationship has just been so much fun.”