‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Promises ‘Wild Finish’ to Season 4

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser has all the details on the finale, and he knows for a fact that it’s going to be wild. Granted, he’s not giving anything away, so we’re safe from spoilers. But the general vibe we’re getting from the finale is “what the heck could possibly happen now?”

Hauser spoke with TV Insider recently to share some details about how the season is going to wrap up. “It’s a very wild finish to an amazing year,” he said. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be wild, but how wild is what we want to know. Some fans have claimed that the show has been moving a little too slow for their tastes, with a lot of focus on Jimmy at Four Sixes and most of the attention on the “1883” premiere. But if there’s one thing “Yellowstone” can deliver, it’s stellar finales.

“Taylor Sheridan leaves the audience thinking,” Hauser continued. “Whether you end with romance, death or destruction, he’s wonderful at keeping you on the edge of your seat. That’s why the show has been so successful.”

So far, we’ve had shootouts, secrets, rejection, and a religious ceremony; we’re all excited to see what could possibly come next. I’m predicting that Kayce is going to come back from his Vision Quest, going to Mo to interpret what he saw. We’ll probably get some moments with Rip and Beth, as Beth most likely won’t leave the ranch without him. Also, we have to Garrett Randall and Jamie issue to sort out. Cole Hauser is right; this last “Yellowstone” is going to be wild.

Cole Hauser Describes Tough First Year as Rip on ‘Yellowstone’

Cole Hauser plays a completely badass character on “Yellowstone,” but it could not have been easy getting into that mindset to play Rip. He’s no-nonsense, devoted, and ruthless; the only person more ruthless and devoted to John Dutton than Rip is Beth. But, in conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Hauser detailed how tough it was to become his character the first year of “Yellowstone.”

“I mean the first year is tough,” said Hauser. “Taylor, he is no joke, I mean he put me on every horse he could find in his rank, you know, saddles, and different saddles.” Hauser trained for months in order to look like a natural on horseback. His dedication paid off though, because on “Yellowstone” he looks like he was born on a horse.

Hauser also commented on Rip’s softer side; he loves Beth, but, his softness isn’t contained to just her. Rip had a moment with Teeter that was so sweet it made our teeth ache.

What happens, is John sets down the rule that there are no more girls in the bunkhouse, including Teeter, despite her being a ranch worker. She begs John to let her stay. Rip sticks up for her, and John lets her stay on his word. Teeter hugs Rip; it’s significant because we can assume Rip didn’t get a lot of hugs as a child, or an adult. He’s big and tough and scary, but sometimes a hug is all someone needs.