‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Speaks on ‘Gauntlet’ Characters Go Through on Ranch

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone icon Cole Hauser is a staunch believer in Rip’s “gauntlet” mentality, one he puts to the test on newcomer Carter, played by Finn Little.

There’s a whole lot to unpack in Yellowstone‘s latest “Behind the Show” feature. Within, the cast offers up heaps of behind-the-scenes content that only fuels the passion ignited by the Season 4 premiere episodes. To this end, a true highlight for many has been finally witnessing the relationship between Beth, Carter, and Rip. But be warned, Yellowstone fans, that massive spoilers for Season 4 are below.

“He says ‘Get the f*ck out of my house,’ and means it!” Hauser says straight-faced. While we all saw Rip giving into the troubled teen coming, that doesn’t make the final resolve any less satisfying. It’s a dynamic Hauser genuinely seems excited to see unfold throughout the season, too, as he reveals in the feature via Yellowstone‘s Twitter.

“It doesn’t start easy for him, but it doesn’t start easy for anyone on that ranch,” he says of Carter’s role.

But as Carter himself (Finn Little) says, “He finally sees what Beth sees in me. And he thinks that he can try to help, but he’s very skeptical about it.”

Hauser believes this skepticism comes directly from Rip’s mentality. “There’s a gauntlet that you have to go through,” the Yellowstone actor says of becoming a Dutton ranch hand. “And there’s no easy way.”

This is exemplified in Rip’s dialogue with Carter, where the troubled young man finally gets a sense of who Rip actually is. “You don’t deserve it,” he tells Carter as a “trick” to not blowing his change, “You never will.”

“You don’t deserve it?” Carter asks in return.

“No one deserves it,” Rip replies.

‘Yellowstone’s Newest Family: Beth, Rip, and Carter

Kelly Reilly, too, talks up young Finn Little’s 14-year-old character, Carter. In the feature, Reilly describes the troubled teen as “Probably one of my favorite characters.” After the Season 4 premiere, it’s not hard to see why, either.

“Him and Beth meet outside the hospital,” the actor beams. “She meets this kid, played by the extraordinary young actor, Finn Little. And they have this conversation about their dads dying. It’s an odd, weirdly beautiful scene,” Reilly smiles.

“Before you know it, Beth goes with him! And she’s in the room with him as he says goodbye to his dad,” she continues of Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 2, “Phantom Pain.”

“She sort of feels sorry for him,” Little adds of Carter.

“And suddenly [Beth] takes on what it feels like to look after someone,” Reilly lauds. “And I just found that so moving, that she would even allow that thought in. When we think of Beth… She’s so hard and so tough and strong.”

But as the actor notes: “At the same time we get these moments, these sort of caverns of deep feeling. Deep devotion, love and passion. And suddenly, she’s going to accept this kid into her heart.”

And that, dear Beth, is why we love you. Yellowstone Season 4 continues every Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern on Paramount Network.