‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Teaches Daughter to Ride Horse in Sweet New Post

by Suzanne Halliburton

Cole Hauser, who plays manly ranch foreman Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone” posted a personal photo Wednesday that would melt most anyone’s heart.

He was teaching his daughter how to ride a horse. So Cole Hauser posted a couple of photos on Instagram. He captioned them: “My little gal thinking and learning how to ride. Go girl go!”

Cole Hauser and Cynthia Daniel, his wife, have three children, sons Ryland and Colt and daughter Steely Rose. She’s seven and the youngest of the kids. Hauser and Daniel were married in 2006. His wife is a former actress who now is a professional photographer who also maintains a lifestyle blog with her twin sister.

Steely Rose looks just like her mamma. But she’s learning to ride a horse like her dad.

Hauser’s many fans loved the photos. A sampling of the many comments directed at Cole Hauser and his daughter:

“Nothing better than the combination of a girl and a horse. She will have so much fun.”

“Girls and horses, big lessons in life. No matter how many times you fall off, you get back up.”

“Starting her off right. Deep seat. Heals down. Soft hands. You go girl. Ride On!”

Another fan summed it up as to what kind of relationship Cole Hauser will have with his daughter. Answer = great.

“My dad took me most every weekend to ride horses with him since I was 3 till I could drive myself. I eventually got my own horse and that special bond. My husband knew I was second fiddle to my Sue, my mare. But the bond between me and my dad from all those weekends was the best. Keep it up, Cole.”

Before Season 4 Premieres, Catch Up on Cole Hauser And The Rest of Yellowstone

Meanwhile, fans are awaiting a premiere date for Yellowstone season four. They miss Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton and are craving any info on John Dutton and the rest of the clan.

Cole Hauser posted a behind-the-scenes photo last week on Instagram. The post generated more than 47,000 likes.

Yellowstone’s season three finale ended with an explosion in Beth’s office. Fans are on edge, wondering who survives all the twists and turns.

The show teased a clip of Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone’s official twitter account. It said “Rip really is fearless.”

It’s supposed to be cold this weekend, so if you want to stay in and catch up on Yellowstone, the Paramount Network is going all Kevin Costner. You can binge all three seasons of the show, which stars Costner as John Dutton. Plus, you can catch two Kevin Costner movies.

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