‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Mom Has Perfect Reaction to Sum Up Fans Feelings of Premiere

by Leanne Stahulak

There may be no bigger “Yellowstone” fan than the woman who raised star Cole Hauser himself. Hauser’s mom, Cass Warner, posted the sweetest tribute to him and the show’s crew after last night’s Season 4 premiere.

Warner took to Instagram to share her thoughts and a stunning photo of her son, Cole. It’s a black and white shot of Hauser pointing a gun at the camera, and he looks as badass as ever.

In her caption, Warner talks about all the emotions that came from watching the latest “Yellowstone” episodes. Emotions I’m sure every single fan can relate to.

“Oh my… I’m having a tough time coming down from the most exciting, exhilarating premiere of Season 4!! Applause, sheer happiness, greatest of admiration to all who created this! Bravo bravo! And more to come… Enjoy!” Warner wrote. We can’t wait for more to come too.

Several “Yellowstone” fans commented on Warner’s post with their own thoughts about the episode. “Zero sleep last night! Awesome 2 hours!” one fan wrote.

Another one said, “It was awesome, I was so sad that Rip’s Roost burned down, so many great scenes on those steps, porch, and dining table. And it was his gift from John😢.” Many a fan likely teared up when Rip came home to the ranch only to find his and Beth’s cabin burning.

“So exhilarating! It’s going to be an amazing season for sure! Of course, I’m over the moon happy our Beth survived and she and Rip taking in Carter! 🔥Bravo to all of the Yellowstone family! So much talent and the best show ever!!!! ❤️” a different fan commented.

And this fan complimented Warner’s son on his incredible acting. “It was exactly what I expected!! Taylor never disappoints !! I have watched it twice now !! Your boy was totally amazing as usual !! Can’t wait to see who done it!!!”

‘Yellowstone’ star Kelly Reilly Posts About Season 4 Premiere

Earlier, right after “Yellowstone” Season 4 premiered, star Kelly Reilly took to Instagram to share her thoughts with fans. For the last year and a half, she’s had to keep quiet on the state of her character, Beth. Does she survive the explosion in her office or not? Well, last night, we finally got our answer.

Reilly posted a picture of Beth from behind-the-scenes, featuring the wicked new scar on her face. In the caption, Reilly asked fans, “Didn’t doubt it, did you?”

Looking back now, how could we ever doubt that the tough and resilient Beth Dutton would survive? She’s got unfinished business to take care of, after all. And we’re sure to see her address that business later this season on “Yellowstone.”