‘Yellowstone’ Star Dave Annable Introduces Fans to His ‘Walker’ Character Ahead of Debut

by Jacklyn Krol

Yellowstone alum Dave Annable is getting into his new Walker character, literally.

The actor teased fans with a preview of what’s to come on the second season of Walker.

“Meet Dan Miller,” he captioned an Instagram photo of him in his trailer. “He’s really focused on not tripping on the way out of his trailer while his real life wife takes a picture. Tonight’s the night. Watch the season premiere of @thecwwalker on the @thecw.”

The former Yellowstone star previously wrote about how “incredibly grateful” he was to be joining the cast for the Second Season.

“Having a blast with my character Dan and his impeccable hair. (Tough to see with a white background),” he captioned a selfie.

The Walker, Texas Ranger reimagining follows Cordell Walker played by Jared Padalecki. Walker is a father of two who lost his wife that makes his own moral code. He comes back home to Austin after an undercover assignment for the last two years.

Annable’s character is Dan Mller, Denise’s husband who Deadline reports is “brimming with bravado.”

“Dan is fiercely loyal to the Davidson family and very protective of his wife,” the description reads. “He has taken on the Davidsons’ distrust of the Walkers and is clearly not going to settle into Austin without a fight. He’ll first appear in episode 201.”

Dan’s real life wife Odette is a series regular on the show portraying the character of Geri Broussarad. This isn’t the first time that they’ve collaborated. They recently guest starred on the Fantasy Island reboot where they portrayed a married couple.

How He Discovered That His Character Would Die on ‘Yellowstone’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dave Annable revealed that it was a call from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan who informed him that he would be leaving the series.

“I picked up the phone and said, ‘If you’re calling to tell me you cut me out of Yellowstone, I’m hanging up right now,'” he recalled. Although he did admit that he always knew that his character wouldn’t make it out alive.

Annable discovered the role after reading the script. At first, he passed on a spot in the series due to timing issues. However, that changed with one phone call.

“And he [Taylor] called back and was like, ‘What are you an idiot? You need to come out here.’ So of course, I listened, and any chance you get to work with Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner [is great]. And then I found out I got the part and I was so excited,” he explained.

After meeting the cast and learning how to live on a ranch through “cowboy camp” he really didn’t want to leave.

“It was just one of the best life experiences that I’ve ever had. And to have that on such a high-level project was really special,” he admitted.