‘Yellowstone’ Star Fin Little Urges Fans to ‘Buckle Up’ For Season 4, Teases ‘Relentless’ Revenge

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” newcomer Finn Little is certainly ready for a brand new season of the hit Paramount Network series coming this fall.

Little will be playing a character named Carter in the upcoming fourth season of “Yellowstone” which will debut on November 7. The Australian actor will join Tate Dutton portrayer Brecken Merrill as the youngest member of the show’s cast. At the age of 15, Little has worked with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan before, starring in “Those Who Wish Me Dead” recently.

With the new season four trailer dropping recently, Finn Little was one of several cast members taking their excitement to social media. The young actor encourages fans to “buckle up” for a new season of “relentless revenge.”

“OMG!” Finn Little says in a Twitter reply. “The revenge will be relentless! Buckle up people!”

As if you weren’t excited enough about season four of “Yellowstone” but Finn Little taking it to the next level. Look at all of those exclamation points — Finn is certainly ready to get his “Yellowstone” on.

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Could be Similar to Rip

Not much is known about Finn Little character, Carter, other then a few bits and pieces. He is said to have been brought to “Yellowstone” ranch at the urging of Beth Dutton. It’s also been speculated he has a similar backstory to that of Rip Wheeler. If you recall, Rip is also taken in by the Dutton family as a young man after the death of his mother and father. The Duttons have a history of taking in troubled youth and it appears Carter could be next in that line. If he is indeed in the same mode as Rip — he should do just fine on the ranch. Perhaps he and Tate Dutton will strike up a friendship as two ranch-working youngsters.

Finn Little is one of several “Yellowstone” cast members to share their excitement about the new season.

The fourth season trailer appears to be having the desired effect as fans can’t stop talking about it. It’s racked up millions of views since it’s release on Thursday. Some fans have even gone a step further and provided frame by frame breakdowns of the trailer.

One thing that appears to be a common theme among season four promotions is revenge. It is highly likely that the Dutton family and their allies will be looking to avenge the attacks of the third season finale. That’s just fine with “Yellowstone” fans as they want to see the Duttons dish out some western-style justice.

It isn’t hard to imagine Rip Wheeler being the ring leader of the revenge party. Many fans believe he will round up the bunkhouse crew and hit the warpath looking for any and everyone who had a part in hurting his adopted family.

It’s certainly what fans want to see when November 7 arrives.