‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Drops Behind-Scenes Pics of Powerful Scene With Rip

by Quentin Blount

Yellowstone star Finn Little is one of the new faces on the show in Season 4. He took to social media on Friday to share some pretty sweet behind-the-scenes pictures from a recent episode.

Now we know that not everyone has seen the newest episodes of Yellowstone Season 4. After all, they just came out last week. So, you may be wondering who is this Finn Little guy? Well, let’s start there. Finn Little is playing a character named Carter on the hit show. He is taken in by the Dutton family after Beth Decides that the ranch would be the best place for him to grow up.

Finn Little was born on June 9, 2006, in Brisbane, Australia. However, despite being such a young actor, the 15-year-old already has built up quite an impressive acting resume. The most recent Yellowstone addition has also been featured in two popular series on Netflix. Little played the role of Gilles in Tidelands and he also portrayed a character in The Reckoning.

Little recently took to his official Instagram page to share a “Throwback Thursday” post. For those who don’t know, “Throwback Thursday” or “TBT” is an internet trend on social media platforms where users post old memories from their life on a Thursday. Little’s post includes pictures of Carter and Rip filming a scene together.

“TBT (2020) Roadside with “Rip & Carter” (Ep 2 – S4),” Little captioned the set of photos. “#YellowstoneTV #taylorsheridan #colehauser #filmproduction #tvproduction #montana #behindthescenes #stephenkay #director #christinavoros #dop #actor #australianactor #finnlittle #grateful”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans React to Finn Little’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ Post

It goes without saying that Yellowstone fans love them some Finn Little. He has only been in two episodes of the up to this point, but it’s evident that fans of the show enjoy seeing the young man. Despite only being 15 years old, Little has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram. Many of those followers took the time to respond to the young actor’s “Throwback Thursday” post.

“You play Carter so well!” one fan gushed.

“Great job Finn!” said another.

“You are such a great addition to the show!” a third person chimed in.

We totally agree that Finn Little has made a phenomenal addition to the Yellowstone cast. But how did the young star end up on the set of the show? Little didn’t just wind up on set out of nowhere.

As a matter of fact, Little has a connection to the boss man himself, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. He played the role of Connor in Those Who Wish Me Dead, a neo-Western film. That movie was directed and produced by Sheridan.

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