‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Feels Like ‘Luckiest Kid in the World’ After Debut

by Thad Mitchell

We are only two episodes deep into the brand new season of “Yellowstone,” but some newcomers are making their mark.

One of those newcomers is young Australian actor Finn Little, who plays Carter on the show. Despite his short tenure on “Yellowstone,” it appears that Finn and Carter will be a big part of season four. Little is also becoming a favorite among fans of the show as he fits his character perfectly. Little is taking it all in stride and appears to thoroughly enjoy his “Yellowstone” run. Prior to his debut on the show, Little endeared himself to the show’s enormous fan base with social media activity. He used sites like Twitter and Instagram to interact with fans on a personal level. He even launched a countdown to the season four premiere a few weeks prior to its arrival. It is safe to say that the “Yellowstone” fan base has taken to the 15-year-old actor.

Little’s successful debut on “Yellowstone” isn’t at all lost on him and he knows continued interaction with watchers is paramount. He was back on social media on Sunday, proclaiming himself to be one lucky kid.

“Luckiest kid in the world!” he says in his most recent social media post.

Little also includes a photo from the “Yellowstone” set and the youngster certainly seems happy to be there. As you can see from the amount of “likes” and comments, the show’s fan base has very clearly taken a liking to Finn Little and his character.

The big question now is what does the “Yellowstone” future hold for Carter? There are a couple of different ways that his storyline could play out. Fans definitely want to see more of the actor and his character.

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Finn Little’s Storyline Has Options

We first meet Carter in the season four premiere as he sits on a bench outside of a hospital where his father is dying. There, he has a chance encounter with Beth Dutton, who sits on the bench next to him. After asking for a cigarette, Carter shares his father’s story with Beth. A drug addict, Carter says his father is lying on his death bed. When his father dies, he takes Beth with him to say a final goodbye. It is Carter’s realistic take on his father’s death that seemingly draws Beth in.

Beth invites the young man into her home only for him to be later kicked out by Rip Wheeler. Realizing that his future wife has bonded with the young boy, Rip has a change of heart. The trio is an unorthodox family for sure — but we can’t wait to see how they blossom together through the fourth season of “Yellowstone.”

We hope to learn more about Carter and his situation tonight (Sunday) with a brand new episode.