‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Is Already Learning the Ways of the Cowboy in BTS Pic

by Thad Mitchell

Excitement builds among Outsiders as our favorite television show, the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” is so close to returning.

We are now just weeks away from the premiere of the fourth and latest season. You hear that “Yellowstone” fans? We are no longer months away — but weeks away from the November 7 premiere date. A new season of the heavily popular show means fresh faces joining the cast. There are several new actors joining the cast of “Yellowstone” for the fourth season and we can’t wait to meet the new characters. One of the most interesting additions to the show’s lineup is young Australian actor Finn Little. The 15-year-old actor will be playing Carter, a brand new character who will make his way to Yellowstone Ranch this season. Not a whole lot is known about the character but Little is definitely happy to be a part of the “Yellowstone” crew.

Little took to social media on Saturday to share his excitement over the quickly approaching season. He also shares a wonderful photo with fans and it is evident the cowboy life is rubbing off on the young star. He alerts “Yellowstone” fans in his native Austraila who might want to check out his debut.

“29 days and counting!” Little says in his weekend social media post. “Yellowstone season four airs November 7 on the Paramount Network in the USA and November 8 in Australia. The premiere is two episodes so get extra snacks.”

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Finn Little is Amped Up for Premiere

In the photo he shares, Finn appears to be getting to know his new four-legged friend. As we all know — you have to have a horse if you are going to be a cowboy on “Yellowstone” Ranch. Could this be Carter’s season four partner? It certainly seems possible.

While we do not know a whole lot about Carter and what his role on “Yellowstone” will be — we have had a few clues appear here and there. Carter will reportedly be brought to the ranch by Beth Dutton, who thinks the ranch will provide him a nourishing environment. It has also been rumored that he has a backstory similar to that of Rip Wheeler. If you recall — Rip was orphaned at a young age and taken in by the Dutton family. If Carter is anything like Rip, then the ranch will indeed be a good place for him to grow and mature.

“Yellowstone” also recently released a video on social media that introduces the show’s fan base to Carter. In the unlikely event that you have yet to watch the video — here it is: