‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Looks Back on ‘Season 4 Wrap’ in Dutton Ranch Photo

by Courtney Blackann

“Yellowstone’s” newest cowboy is having all the feels about season four wrapping up. Finn Little, aka Carter, shared a moody picture of the cast during filming as he reminisces about his time spent on the Montana ranch.

In a new photo posted to Instagram, Little shares a tender moment behind the scenes of “Yellowstone” season four. He recounts a moment at the ranch where all the cowboys are gathered together. This is a meaningful picture because, like Rip Wheeler, Carter is showing promise as a newcomer and a die-hard Yellowstone devotee.

Carter’s Character Development on “Yellowstone”

During season four, Carter makes a friend out of Beth Dutton from the very beginning. He loses his dad to a drug overdose and the world moving forward is seemingly hopeless for him. It’s not until he’s picked up and brought to the Dutton ranch, where he tells the officer that Beth is his guardian, that he’s paving the way towards a new future.

However, while Beth seems open to the idea, Rip is less sure – and makes the kid earn his stay at their home. Carter soon picks up a job scooping horse manure from the barn. He definitely tests the patience of both Beth and Rip before finding a place in the barn amongst the animals.

Showing promise, Carter learns to ride alongside the head honcho himself, John Dutton.

Finn Little describes portraying Carter on “Yellowstone” and how grateful he is that his character was received so well. In another social post, the actor thanked everyone for their support.

“THANKS EVERYONE for all the support you have shown “Carter” over the last 10 weeks. It has been a ride! …. trying to smoke, hospitals, black eyes, rides in the back of the sheriffs car, car rides with Beth, truck rides with Rip, hamburger/tuna helper, giving Rip the bird roadside, horseshit, shopping trips – that turned to shit, sleeping in the barn, learning about horses, learning to rope, saying sorry, new clothes, dinner in the lodge, latin lessons, cake with steak, more horseshit, learning to ride with John Dutton (sir, I mean Sir) and playing poker with the crazy Bunkhouse Boys and ‘Peter’ (I mean Teeter!)  You’ll LOVE the season 4 finale! Buckle Up! Thanks again!”

The “Yellowstone” season four finale showed a moment when Carter crossed a line with Beth. He calls her ‘Mama” as she greets him in the barn. However, Beth calls him “baby” before correcting herself – and Carter- telling him she’s not his mom. Beth says almost paralleling her own experience that Carter only has one mother – and he will only ever have one mom.