‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Shows Off Roping Skills in Behind Scenes Video: ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

by Thad Mitchell

Despite being brand new to the hit show, Finn Little has already won over the hearts of many “Yellowstone” fans as Carter.

Little joined the “Yellowstone” cast earlier this year to be a part of the fourth season. His character, Carter, is a young man with no place to go after his father dies of drug addiction. A chance encounter with Beth Dutton leads him to “Yellowstone” Ranch, where he gets a gig as a stable cleaner. He shacks up with Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton after bonding with the latter during their chance encounter.

Though Beth would like him to stay, Rip has other ideas and kicks Carter out of his house. Realizing his future wife has become emotionally attached to the young boy, Rip has a change of heart. Things are going well for Carter until Beth takes him on a shopping trip. They have a major fallout, and Beth is ready to cut ties with Carter. In a complete role reversal, it is Rip who insists on Carter staying at the ranch. Rip also tells Beth that there is a man inside of Carter, and he will help him find it.

In the most recent “Yellowstone” episode, we see Lloyd has taken Carter under his wing. Lloyd is teaching the young lad how to rope using a dummy steer. Roping cattle isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but Finn Little knew he would have to learn to do it. Practice makes perfect, so Little began practicing when he landed the role of Carter.

“Practice makes perfect,” he says in the social media post.

As you can see in the video, Little is determined to learn roping and appears to be doing an excellent job.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Heading Into Home Stretch

Can you believe there are only four more episodes left for the fourth season? “Yellowstone” season four has gone by fast and maybe too fast for some.

What do these final four episodes hold in store for Finn Little and Carter?

The last episode ended with Carter saying he wants to be John Dutton when he grows up? He makes this statement after seeing the way John handles the dispute between ranch hands Walker and Lloyd. John allows the two men to have it out inside the arena circle. Both combatants say they now have an understanding as Dutton sends them on their way. Heavily impressed, Carter says he knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

“I want to be him,” he says, pointing to John Dutton.

With Tate Dutton now gone from the ranch, Carter is the youngest member of the “Yellowstone.”

He may or may not rise to the level of John Dutton, but it will certainly be interesting to follow his journey.