‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Tributes ‘Amazing’ Lady Who Taught Him to Ride Horses

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” fans saw a new side to Finn Little’s character Carter during Season 4 Episode 9, titled “No Such Thing as Fair.”

During the “Yellowstone” episode, John Dutton and Carter spent a little more time bonding. Carter saddled John’s horse as per usual, but then John asked if he knew how to ride. Carter said no, and John surprisingly invited Carter along for his morning ride.

At first, Carter looked pleased and excited. Then the scene cut to the two trotting along on their horses, where Carter complained about how his…man parts hurt from the horse bouncing. John tried to coach him to bounce with the horse rather than against it, and Carter slowly started to pick it up a the start of the “Yellowstone” episode.

He was swearing for the whole ride, though, so eventually, John slapped his horse on the rump and sent Carter and beast flying forwards. “We’re gonna ride the foul right out of your mouth,” John said as Carter shot off, cursing the whole way.

The “Yellowstone” star didn’t have much horse-riding experience prior to the show, so he picked up some lessons in cowboy camp during filming. Earlier today, Little took to Instagram to thank Diane Branagan, the woman who taught him about horseback riding.

“Diane! This AMAZING lady taught me to ride a horse properly – so I could look like I couldn’t ride (with ‘John Dutton’) in S4:E9,” Little captioned his post.

“One of my favorite film family crew. So grateful for your patience and dedication to the beautiful horses (who always steal the show),” Little continued. “I still pinch myself that I learned to ride horses on one of the most beautiful ranches in Montana with the best in the business! What an amazing adventure I had on  @yellowstone S4.”

Check out the adorable photo of the “Yellowstone” star and horse trainer below.

What Will Happen to Carter on ‘Yellowstone’ Now That Beth’s Leaving?

Finn Little’s character Carter seems to have delighted “Yellowstone” fans so far this season. He’s been a key piece to the puzzle that we didn’t know was missing. Likely due to Tate taking time away from learning about the ranch this season.

But at the end of “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 9, John kicked Beth out of the lodge. And, presumably, Rip and Carter too. So, where will he go next? Back to the barn? Or will he move into the bunkhouse with the others?

This poor kid’s been all over the place this season. First Beth welcomed him into her and Rip’s house (the foreman’s house). Then Carter and Beth argued, so she kicked him out to the barn. He’s basically stayed there until John invited everyone to come and live in the lodge. Then John and Beth argued, and now Carter has to step away from all that luxury.

Based on his interactions with the other cowboys during Episode 9, this Outsider hopes that they’ll make up a bed for him in the bunkhouse. Then he can finally be accepted and start learning how to be a true cowboy.