Yellowstone Star Forrie J. Smith Delivers Patriotic Message Alongside Glorious Horseback Photo

by Jon D. B.

There was never any doubt, but Forrie J. Smith is proving his real-life American cowboy chops once again with the most epic photo this side of Yellowstone.

We’ve written a lot about Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith here on For one, the man is a true Outsider to his core – moreso than just about anyone else alive today. A real life cowboy, Smith lives and breathes the lifestyle most Yellowstone fans only dream about.

Today, he’s proving himself a true Outsider once again with his latest Instagram post. Smith, an outspoken patriot, is sharing his love of America with fans & followers with the most glorious horseback photo we’ve seen this side of his work as Lloyd Pierce on Yellowstone.

“I am an American first and foremost,” the star starts off. “If you were born here so are you. So let’s love our country, [America, the only one where] we can lead the lives we live. God Bless America,” he captions the photo, which you can view below:

Anyone else hoping this becomes a poster? We may just have to reach out to Forrie J. Smith ourselves to see if he’d be keen on making it into one…

Forrie J. Smith & Lloyd Pierce: Unsung Yellowstone Heroes

In truth, we’d be down for just about anything featuring Smith or his loyal Yellowstone ranch hand. Anyone seeking some real, no BS advice should catch an episode of Yellowstone with Lloyd Pierce and let the wisdom flow through you.

Indeed, few supporting characters do for a show what Lloyd does for Yellowstone. Alongside John Dutton, Lloyd serves as a surrogate father to many on the ranch – specifically for the bunkhouse boys. One character in particular, however, might as well call Lloyd “dad” – and pretty much did in Season 3. That character is Jimmy Hurdstrom.

One of our latest exposes on the brilliance that is Lloyd Pierce comes in the form of this Clip from Season 3 that Shows Exactly Why ‘Lloyd Gives the Best Advice’. Within, he gives advice to Jimmy that we all need to hear. Head on over to it next to become Lloyd’s biggest – if you aren’t already, that is.

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