‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Shows Off His New Dutton Ranch Side-By-Side Hard at Work

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” star Forrie J. Smith is living the cowboy life.

The actor recently shared a photo of his new side-by-side. The vehicle is all black except for its yellow “Yellowstone” logo and “Y” air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. And, like a true cowboy, Smith snapped a photo of the vehicle with a bed full of hay. Along with the photo he wrote, “It ain’t just pretty! Thank you so much— @bassproshops! @[email protected]

Forrie J. Smith Worked As A Stuntman For 25 Years Before Landing His Role On The Show

“Yellowstone” Star Forrie J. Smith isn’t just an actor. He’s a real-life cowboy. In fact, he started competing in rodeo at only 8 years old. And he learned from the best – Smith’s grandfather is in the Canadian Cowboy Hall of Fame. And he had a career as a rodeo man for 52 years before he stopped competing. During an interview, Smith described how he knew it was time to retire from rodeo. He said his ‘mind was writing checks that his body couldn’t cash.”

However, the “Yellowstone” star knew his work as a cowboy wasn’t yet finished. After he stopped competing, Smith switched to a career as a stuntman in Hollywood. Over the last 25 years, Smith has worked on films including “Rambo III”, “Desperado”, “Tombstone“, and “Hell or High Water.” And Smith said that his time in the rodeo helped his stuntwork, specifically his ability to discipline his mind under high-intensity situations. Additionally, Smith’s stuntwork eventually led him to land his role as Lloyd on “Yellowstone.” Smith also said that filming shows or movies is a lot like rodeo – you just ride the wave of adrenaline and that waves cancels out any nerves.

Smith is even known on the “Yellowstone” set for his signature cowboy call, “Yeehaw.” During an interview on Stories From the Bunkhouse, Smith shared how his costar, Kevin Costner, always knows Smith is on set.

“During the first season, I came on set and Kevin was like, ‘I knew you were here,’” said Smith. “And I was like, ‘Yeah? Did you look at the call sheet?’ And he was like, ‘No, I heard the ‘yeehaw’ when you got out of the van.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Has His Own Cowboy Coffee-Infused Bourbon

And if he wasn’t already cool enough, the “Yellowstone” star recently teamed up with Oak & Eden to create a custom bourbon. Smith said that, for as long as he can remember, all of his morning rides with his horse began with a strong cup of coffee. So, it was only fitting that he create a cowboy coffee-infused bourbon.

According to the website, Oak & Eden “collaborated with Forrie to create a barrel strength bourbon finished with an American Oak spire steeped in cold brew coffee. It is a remarkable, bold, rich bourbon that is truly one-of-a-kind.”