‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Reveals One of the ‘Blessings’ of Being on Show

by Jennifer Shea

When Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith joined his castmates at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Center to help raise funds for the Careity Foundation, he knew that a lot of the people in the crowd were there to see Yellowstone actors. But he never lost sight of the bigger picture, why he and his co-stars were really there.

In an interview with local station WFAA, Smith said he was glad to lend his stardom to the charity rodeo event, and he hoped it helped the Careity Foundation, which serves low-income cancer patients.

“It is a great deal, with the people we’re able to help, and hopefully put some change in the world, from this platform,” Smith said. “It’s one of the blessings of being on the show.”

Yellowstone Star Explains the Hit Series’ Appeal

Smith went on to explain why Yellowstone has shot to the top of the television industry, becoming the No. 1 scripted drama on cable in recent seasons. It’s actually not because it’s escapist, like so much of television is these days, he said. Rather, it’s because Yellowstone holds a mirror up to issues that are playing out in the real world.

“It’s real – it’s really happening out there,” Smith said. “And I think people can relate to the dysfunctional family, ’cause there’s a lot of that in the world, and [series co-creator] Taylor [Sheridan] has built some really great characters. It’s easy for actors to get into that character, the way he’s built ’em, and everybody does such a good job. It’s the combination of the writing and the acting, it’s brought people to it.”

And in Season 4, Yellowstone shows every sign of holding on to its throne. The recent Season 4 premiere brought in 12.7 million total viewers, a 66 percent increase over the Season 3 premiere viewership numbers, per Deadline. (With encores included, the season premiere netted 14.7 million viewers.)

Watch Smith’s interview here:

Careity’s Charity Rodeo Event Went Off Without a Hitch

Meanwhile, Careity’s celebrity cutting competition seems to have been a rousing success. Smith and several of his co-stars appeared before a sold-out crowd at the event, which is designed to raise money for low-income cancer patients.

Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly gave a speech, much to the audience’s delight. And Smith and Jimmy actor Jefferson White actually took part in the cutting competition.

And now it’s back to watching their own performances on the small screen as Season 4 unfolds. Smith’s character Lloyd seems to have recovered from his fit of pride and belligerence, but will he be able to stay at the Dutton Ranch long-term? Tune in to find out. Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.