‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Highlights ‘The Old Ways’ in New Photo

by Thad Mitchell

With just a few more episodes to go in season four, “Yellowstone” has assuredly saved its best moments for the very end.

While he’s not gotten a ton of screen time this season, Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater figures to factor in these final episodes. Rainwater is played by veteran actor Gil Birmingham, who does an excellent job giving his character depth. Birmingham is no stranger to working with “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, having starred in a couple of his films, including “Hell or High Water,” among other films. Interestingly, we have seen “Yellowstone” scenes featuring Sheridan and Birmingham on screen together. Sheridan portrays horse expert Travis on the show that he created. We’ve seen more of Travis this season than all other previous seasons.

Birmingham is active on social media, using it as a tool to connect with “Yellowstone” fans and followers. His most recent post features a photo from “Yellowstone” that shows a couple of the main characters in action. In the photos we see Rainwater, Kayce Dutton and Mo Brings Plenty off to wrangle up some wild horses. They have an uneasy but successful journey in returning the horses to their owner on the reservation. Among the social media users to “like” the photo is Birmingham’s co-star, Cole Hauer, who plays Rip Wheeler on the popular show.

“The Old Ways,” Birmingham writes in the social media post’s caption space. Interestingly, he adds a “who shot JD (John Dutton) hashtag at the end.

Garrett Randall confessed to the attacks on the Dutton family earlier this season but “Yellowstone” fans believe there is more to it. It is likely that we’ve not heard the last of this storyline and will be further investigated this season.

‘Yellowstone” Star Gil Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater Factor In

We’ve not seen a ton of Thomas Rainwater in the fourth season but that could change in the last few episodes. Many “Yellowstone” fans still believe Rainwater and his tribe have a connection to the Dutton family attack. That may or may not be the case but is something worth keeping an eye on to close out the season.

Rainwater also seems to have taken Tate Dutton under his wing and is teaching him about Native American Culture. In a scene from earlier this season, we see Tate and Rainwater emerging from a sweat lodge. Rainwater tells Tate’s mother, Monica Dutton, that young Tate needs a few more sweats before he is ready. He also says that when he is ready that Mo will take him up in the mountains for a ceremony of some type.

We’ve got a lot of action ahead of us for these last few episodes. “Yellowstone” fans need to buckle up because it might be a bumpy ride.