‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Reveals Mo Brings Plenty’s Favorite Food

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” star Gil Birmingham spilled the beans on his castmate, Mo Brings Plenty’s favorite food in a recent interview.

Birmingham sat down with Looper to discuss all the things “Yellowstone” earlier this week. While most of the talk was regarding the show, Birmingham also shares a little behind-the-scenes knowledge. The veteran actor says the cast of “Yellowstone” gets along very well and enjoys sharing laughs with each other. He also notes that his castmate, Mo Brings Plenty, who plays “Mo” on the show, has some interesting dietary habits. Bring Plenty’s favorite food is an American classic that likely ranks high with a lot of people.

“I can tell you one thing…Mo loves hot dogs,” he says.

Birmingham, who will return as Thomas Rainwater for the upcoming new season, says the “Yellowstone” cast is terrific and the chemistry is excellent.

“It’s a very serious set,” he says with a laugh. “But the funny stuff usually happens off-camera. Because we’re all just enamored with each other. It’s such a wonderful cast. They’re so talented. And there’s not a bad apple in there.”

Birmingham isn’t the only actor to express appreciation for the “Yellowstone” cast and brag on how well they get along. He says it makes filming the show as a crew much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Of course, he also talks a great deal about his character, Thomas Rainwater, and his season four role.

“I mean, I think Thomas Rainwater really kind of operates in a world that’s just adjacent to all the drama that’s happening,’ he says. “And he just steps in when he feels like it’s going to be advantageous for him. Or maybe he can strategize to utilize whatever drama is being developed out.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Opens Up on What to Expect From His Character

Birmingham says his “Yellowstone” character will be forced to make some tough decisions in the fourth season. He says Rainwater will face new challenges as he tries to guide his people of the Broken Rock Tribe.

“Well, Thomas Rainwater will be challenged with some gray areas, in terms of a moral decision that has to be made, and in trying to stay focused on finding alliances that can help him achieve his goal of acquiring the land back,” Birmingham declares. “We also get to dig into some cultural ceremony of healing, that I hope the public will enjoy and get informed by.”

The ceremony of healing may involve the Dutton family, specifically Monica and Tate Dutton. Kelsey Asbille, who plays Monica, has also mentioned that she will turn to Native American heritage for healing.

it will be interesting to see how Thomas Rainwater reacts to the third-season attack on the Dutton family. Some “Yellowstone” fans are convinced Rainwater is the mastermind behind the attacks.

We will find out tomorrow night when “Yellowstone” unveils season four.