‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Reacts to Dolly Parton Telling State of TN to Nix Capitol Statue

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s own Laramie, Hassie Harrison, is showing her support for Tennessee “queen” Dolly Parton amidst her Capitol statue statement.

There is no purer soul than Dolly Parton. By now, you’ll have heard the American icon politely requested that Tennessee state legislators remove their proposal to erect a statue of her at the state capitol.

“I want to thank the Tennessee legislature for their consideration of a bill to erest a statue of me on the Capitol grounds,” Parton begins in her statement.

“Given all that is going on in the world, I don’t think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time. I hope, though, that somewhere down the road several years from now or perhaps after I’m gone if you still feel I deserve it, then I’m certain I will stand proud in our great state capitol as a grateful Tennessean. In the meantime, I’ll continue to try to do good work to make this great state proud,” she concludes in response to the proposal.

In the time since her Thursday response, fans and fellow celebrities alike have come out in support of Dolly’s unmatched humility. Today, Yellowstone’s own Laramie, Hassie Harrison, joins the ranks.

“Okay, queen. We’ll wait,” Harrison posts in response to her social media stories.

Hassie Harrison: One of Dolly Parton’s Biggest Fans

This is in no way out of character for Hassie Harrison, either. The Yellowstone actress is one of Parton’s biggest fans, posting regularly about the influential legend on social media.

In fact, her top movie pick – via a list the actress wrote for Cherry Picks – is Dolly’s classic comedy: 9 to 5.

“Dolly Parton is my absolute hero!” Harrison tells the trade. “Her sharing the screen with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is casting gold.  Who doesn’t love a good revenge comedy, especially one that tackles the serious issues of sexism in the workplace? This movie was way ahead of its time and Dolly’s song “9 to 5″ NEVER GETS OLD.”

In addition, she makes a point to post wishing Dolly a happy birthday each year on January 20th.

“LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!! Happy birthday, Dolly Parton!” she posts to her Instagram. “Born on this day in 1946 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Here she is performing “My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy” at the Ryman Auditorium in 1969.”

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