‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Hilariously Talks Trying to Get Recognized by Fans

by Jennifer Shea

Yellowstone star Jefferson White doesn’t mind being stopped by fans in the street. That is, he wouldn’t mind if someone would actually recognize him from the show.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, White hilariously described his vain attempts to get recognized by Yellowstone fans in Brooklyn. And while Yellowstone is now the No. 1 show on TV, Brooklynites have thus far been cool to his excursions out in public seeking recognition.

“I live in Brooklyn, New York,” White explained. “So out there, it’s pretty mellow. Everybody’s very cool, everybody’s very distant. Which is a bummer for me, because I’m always walking around trying to get recognized, you know? I’m always like, making protracted eye contact with people, like, ‘Do you want to talk to me?’ Nobody wants to talk to me.”  

Watch White’s impression of his own attempts to make eye contact here:

Yellowstone Star Knew Right Away Which Role Fit for Him

Interestingly, when White first got the script for Yellowstone back in 2016, they wanted him to read for Kayce, who is now played by Luke Grimes. But White says he had other ideas.

“The role of Kayce, that’s an incredible part, but I also sort of recognized right away, that’s not me,” White recounted. “So what I did was, I loved the script so much and I knew I wasn’t quite right for the part, so I went through the script looking for anything else that fit. So I immediately sort of connected with Jimmy. That really felt kind of right down the middle for me, you know, just a sort of guy trying desperately to keep up, a guy who’s in over his head, and sort of trying to survive in a world that’s very new to him. That really resonated with me.”

So White taped an audition for Jimmy without anyone asking him to. It could have gone either way, he said, but he lucked out and got the job. And now fans would be hard-pressed to imagine anyone else as Jimmy.

In Season Finale, What Will Jimmy Choose?

The upcoming Season 4 finale sets up work and personal dilemmas for Jimmy, who has really grown into himself at the Four Sixes with Emily (Kathryn Kelly), but finds himself called back to the Dutton Ranch, where he will run into Mia (Eden Brolin). Jimmy feels obligated to go back to the Dutton Ranch in the short term; he feels he gave John Dutton (Kevin Costner) his word.

But confronted with the medium term, will Jimmy have the spine to make a stand and go back to the new life he’s found? Or will he cave to the Dutton Ranch in his work life and Mia in his personal life, neither of which afforded him much respect?

It promises to be a suspenseful episode of Yellowstone. Tune in to the Paramount Network this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET to find out which path Jimmy will choose.