‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Opens up About Jimmy’s Loneliness

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s latest “Stories from the Bunkhouse” sees Jefferson White delve deep into the psyche of his troubled, now-banished cowboy.

Oh, Jimmy. How many times must we start articles with “Oh, Jimmy”? The poor guy cannot seem to make the right decisions; a trait that’s landed him in the most brutal cowboy camp of them all: Texas’ 6666. Which is not, by the way, a cowboy camp. It’s the most historic ranch in all of Texas and one of the most break-neck jobs anyone could ever have.

Yet there Jimmy is, sad, alone, and in immense physical pain. Or is it emotional pain? Both?

“I think with Jimmy having his own room… He’s profoundly lonely,” Jefferson White begins of his Yellowstone character. “About the only solace he has at the Four-Sixes is throwing himself into the work. I think the exhaustion of that is the only thing keeping his mind off of the shame that he feels.”

How is that shame, Jimmy, hmm? Shouldn’t have broken your word!

Come to watch Jefferson White, Denim Richards, and Ian Bohen break down the latest episode, in partnership with Ram Trucks. Stay to see them dream up an epic Bunkhouse Boys-themed videogame. Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network.

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But that’s not all Jimmy’s feeling. White says “the sadness and the heartbreak of having to leave Mia” is weighing his cowboy down, too.

“And the sadness of having to leave Ryan and Colby…” interjects Colby’s Denim Richards.

“Yeah!” adds Ryan’s Ian Bohen. “Do you have any sort of comradery with them in the bunkhouse down there?”

“It’s like everybody’s working too hard to do these cute little jokes,” White gestures to his co-stars.

‘Yellowstone’ May Be More ‘Fun’ than ‘6666’ Ever Will Be

To Bohen, the all work and no play lifestyle of 6666 “doesn’t sound like much fun.”

“It’s not as much fun but they’re, you know, more effective,” White laughs. And here we thought the Dutton Yellowstone was rough on a man.

All that play and no work in the Yellowstone bunkhouse, however, has definitely led to some slacking of sorts. Specifically when it comes to roping.

“Roping has been one of those things we’ve watched these guys do for years,” White says. “And it has been such a journey to try and catch up to the sort of bare minimum in order to participate.”

“These guys” are, of course, lifelong cowboys cast on Yellowstone such as Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith, Jake Ream, and co-creator Taylor Sheridan himself – just to name a few.

“Can you catch up to these guys who’ve been doing it their whole lives? The answer is…”

“No,” all three Bunkhouse Boys say in tandem. That would indeed take a miracle. But Jimmy’s going to need all the miracles he can muster down in Texas if he’s to survive there, too.