‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Opens Up About Role He Originally Auditioned For

by Thad Mitchell

Veteran actor Jefferson White has turned himself into a household name with his work on the hit television series “Yellowstone.”

Jefferson White plays the quirky but lovable drug addict turned “Yellowstone” cowboy Jimmy Hurdstrom on the show. White has been with “Yellowstone” since the very beginning and has become a favorite among the show’s robust fan base. When we first meet Jimmy, he is little more than a stoner living inside a tiny mobile home. Rip Wheeler shows up to his place one day with a taser and a branding iron and Jimmy’s “Yellowstone” adventure is on the way. Wheeler gives him the Yellowstone “Y” brand and he becomes a first-time cowboy. He can’t ride, rope or do pretty much any other cowboy activities. He can stay on a bucking horse for more than a few seconds which brings him both joy and sorrow down the line.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jefferson White talks about his journey to “Yellowstone” stardom. In a rather candid interview, he admits Jimmy wasn’t his first choice on the show. But, to the delight of every fan, it is the past he wound up with.

“I read the script in 2016, I believe,” he says. “My agent sent the script and they originally had me auditioning for Kayce (Dutton), I read the script and I was immediately obsessed with the script and the role. That is an incredible part but I also sort of recognized right away that’s not me. That’s an ex-Navy Seal and ultimate bada** cowboy. So what I did, and I loved the script so much and I knew I wasn’t quite right for the part so I looked through the script looking for anything else that fit. I immediately connected with Jimmy. That really felt kind of right.”

‘Yellowstone’ Concludes Latest Season Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow, we will be forced to say goodbye to Jimmy and “Yellowstone” Ranch for a while as the season four finale is a short time away.

The fourth season has been full of ups and down for Jimmy and now looks like he has some tough decisions to make. After breaking his word to John Dutton about participating in rodeos, Jimmy is sent off to Texas. He joins the Four Sixes Ranch with the goal of maturing and becoming a legitimate cowboy. Jimmy does both of those things during his time at the famous ranch. He also makes a new lady friend named Emily.

Jimmy must now choose between staying at the Four Sixes Ranch with Emily or returning to “Yellowstone” Ranch and reuniting with Mia. It is an easy choice that Jimmy will have to make but he will have to choose one.

We’ll find out what Jimmy is going to do with the fourth season finale set for tomorrow (Sunday) night.