‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Posts Perfect Reaction to Dolly Parton Custom Ice Cream Announcement

by Jon D. B.

“Just when you thought Dolly couldn’t get any better!” ‘Yellowstone’s own Teeter is as excited for Dolly Parton’s upcoming Jeni’s Ice Cream flavor as you are!

Add Outsider into that equation, too. Anyone who’s familiar with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams knows, right off the bat, that there is no more divine treat on Earth. Jeni has become synonymous with affordable gourmet ice cream, and her flavors speak for themselves.

Occasionally, Jeni will base and/or collaborate with a celebrity on her newest concoction. And now, we no longer have to wonder “why hasn’t Jeni done a Dolly Parton ice cream yet?”

“Just when you thought Dolly couldn’t get any better, she makes an ice cream flavor that is STRAWBERRY PRETZEL PIE!” ‘Yellowstone’s Teeter actor, Jen Landon, lauds to her Instagram stories.

That’s right, people, Dolly Parton‘s Jeni’s Ice Cream flavor consists of three of the icon’s favorite things. Those are, in order: strawberries, pretzels, and pie! And one of our absolute favorite ‘Yellowstone’ actors is as excited for it as we are!

Unfortunately, we can’t embed Landon’s post here, as it is part of her stories. We can, however, preserve it for all time in this article – much like Jeni shall preserve Dolly Parton for generations in one delectable ice cream. Are we placing ourselves on the same level as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams? You decide!

‘Yellowstone’s Jen Landon Joins the Dolly Parton Ice Cream Hype

“Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream announced earlier this month that they were teaming up with Dolly to release a new flavor of ice cream inspired by the country music legend,” reports Outsider’s Katie Maloney Thursday.

In addition, Parton shared the ice cream herself to social media, stirring fans into a sweet-toothed frenzy. To make the deal even sweeter, Parton and Jeni’s are donating part of their ice cream proceeds to hear Parton’s Imagination Library. Dolly’s wonderful organization donates books to young children across the country.

As for the ice cream itself, “the container is a very Dolly light pink color with a cute drawing of the country star. And the strawberry pretzel pie flavor brings fans right back to their favorite childhood summer barbecues. The new flavor features layers of salty pretzel streusel, sweet and tangy cream cheese ice cream, and lipstick red strawberry sauce,” Maloney continues.

“I’ve teamed up with @jenisicecreams to create my very own flavor in support of @dollyslibrary! Strawberry Pretzel Pie is available at Jeni’s April 8,” Dolly also confirms Thursday via Twitter:

Count us in amongst the millions who cannot wait to try some Strawberry Pretzel Pie!