‘Yellowstone’ Star John Emmet Tracy Said He Was Kept in the Dark About Season 3 Attackers

by Chris Haney

Yellowstone Season 4 is coming to an end soon with its final episode airing tomorrow night. Ahead of the season finale, actor John Emmet Tracy opened up about the series and admitted even he had no idea who attacked the Dutton family at the end of Season 3.

The main storyline of this season has seen John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family trying to figure out who attacked them. Yellowstone fans will remember the Season 3 finale well, especially since it left us all hanging for months. The finale ended with seemingly every Dutton family member and ranch hand being shot up or blown up. Fans were then left in the dark for months as to who may have survived or died in the attacks.

After numerous delays, we finally got our answers when Season 4 immediately picked back up where the last season left off. It seemed unlikely, but the Duttons all survived and began to seek vengeance right away. However, they’ve had trouble uncovering who gave the orders from the top. Not only have fans been in the dark about who’s responsible, but even the Yellowstone actors themselves had no clue.

John Emmet Tracy Talks Being in the Dark

John Emmet Tracy portrays Ellis Steele who represents Market Equities, and many assumed he might be in charge of the attacks. But that wasn’t the case since it’s much deeper than a land takeover. Tracy spoke exclusively to Express about the show and admitted he didn’t know Season 4’s big secret.

“When we were shooting the Season 3 finale, that information was definitely kept under wraps,” the Yellowstone star explained.

“Many of us were playing characters that seemed likely to be guilty,” Tracy added. “But when shooting the finale, even we didn’t know if we’d done it. That remained true until Season 4 scripts started coming in.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Says Last Episode Will Be ‘Unlike’ Any Previous Finale

As Yellowstone ties things up in the Season 4 finale tomorrow, Tracy says it will be one to remember. That could be a tall order considering last season’s explosive finale. Of course, the actor couldn’t say much about the final episode of the hit Paramount series. Yet he did say fans can expect something brand new out of the final episode.

“I can’t say much about the season four finale,” Tracy said to the outlet. “Other than the fact that it will be unlike any previous Yellowstone season finale.”

The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, always seems to have something up his sleeve with his storylines. So fans can surely expect the unexpected when it comes to tomorrow night’s final episode.

“Taylor Sheridan has an unlimited capacity for exploring the potential of these characters,” Tracy continued. “And by the time Season 4 concludes, viewers will see the threads of the story evolved in ways that are not only unexpected, but in some cases shocking.”