‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Explains Why Beth Confided in Walker

by Lauren Boisvert

Beth Dutton went through some real tragedy in the most recent “Yellowstone” episode; she was rejected by her father for the first time. John was disappointed in her for what she did to Summer, and he turned her away. Beth went to the Bunkhouse, catching Walker instead of Rip.

Beth goes to Walker to be consoled, or at least to let out her frustrations and dejection. She asks him to play her a sad song; he does, one of Ryan Bingham’s own titled “Hallelujah.” Beth needs release, but she can’t do it on her own. She’s so used to being strong, and ruthless, any sign of weakness and she clams up.

That’s why that ending scene is so important for her as a character. She got her release, even if it had to be forced from her.

In a Behind the Story segment from “Yellowstone,” Kelly Reilly spoke about that moment for Beth, and why she went to Walker instead of Rip.

“It was a difficult moment to shoot,” Reilly started. “To have that moment with [Walker], she couldn’t share that moment of grief with Rip. It’s almost like she doesn’t want Rip to see that. And for her to truly go there and truly feel, it has to be with someone who’s experienced it and can almost just allow the space for it.”

Rip has the same loyalty to John Dutton that Beth has, but he’s never been rejected like that. It’s almost as if Beth doesn’t think Rip will understand her pain and grief.

‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly on John Dutton’s Rejection of Beth

In the same “Yellowstone” segment, Kelly Reilly spoke about the scene itself, and why Beth feels so broken by the rejection.

“It’s a really difficult moment for her, that rejection,” Reilly said, “Because she’s doing it all for him. It just touches her, the most vulnerable, weakest spot in her and it’s just so painful.”

In the scene, John says, “You know, maybe it’s best if I fight this alone. Maybe it’s best if you go somewhere else while I do it.”

“This is my home,” Beth says, to which John replies, “Might be time to find another one.”

For him to go so far as to bar her from her home, he definitely means business. He’s never been this disappointed in her before, and all because she had a hand in getting Summer Higgins arrested. Beth preyed on an innocent, in John’s eyes. But, for Beth, everything she does and has ever done was for her father. For him to do that, something is going to be profoundly broken in Beth for a while, I’m sure. Her father is the most important person to her, she’s not coming back from this easily.