‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Teases Beth Going ‘Dark Destroyer’ Mode on Dutton Enemies in Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

A new season of “Yellowstone” is finally upon us and there are surprises around every corner of the fourth season.

While there have been and will continue to be surprises in the new season — some things have not and will not change. One example of this is the intense rivalry between Jamie and Beth Dutton.

The hatred and contempt that Beth holds for Jamie is immeasurable and stems from an incident when they were young. The incident, which was revealed in a “Yellowstone” season three flashback, left Beth unable to bear children. She’s held an intense grudge against Jamie ever since. In a recent interview with Parade Magazine, Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly says don’t expect the family feud to slow down any time soon.

“She acts against Jamie in every season, so there’s nothing new there,” Reilly says. “But yeah, I know what you’re trying to get at. The first few episodes Beth is absolutely convinced it’s him. Jamie has betrayed her father in earlier seasons. He has betrayed her.”

Later in the interview, the ‘Yellowstone’ star goes into more depth on the tainted relationship between Beth and Jamie.

“She has a very low opinion of him, and she feels that he is dangerous. And she says that time and time again, “He is dangerous.” She sees him as an enemy of her father and everything that her father is asking her to protect. And if Beth thinks someone’s her enemy, she’s like the Dark Destroyer.”

Looks this family rivalry is as strong as ever.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Kelly Reilly Talks Sybling Rivalry

Only a few minutes into the new season do we get our first threat from Beth towards Jamie. Beth threatening Jamie is nothing new in the “Yellowstone” universe and we shouldn’t expect it to stop any time soon. Despite evidence to the contrary, Beth is convinced that her brother is behind the attacks on her family. He very well could be — but Beth isn’t investigating the matter. Instead, she is skipping the search for clues in favor of threatening her big brother’s life. In one of the best scenes from the season premiere, Beth confronts Jamie in his own office and proceeds to claim that she is going to kill him. Again, this is nothing really new for “Yellowstone” fans.

It’s what we have come to expect from “Yellowstone” and it will be interesting to follow this feud as we continue forward with the new season.

That is just fine with “Yellowstone” fans as the toxic relationship between the brother and sister is a highlight of the show. There is a strong feeling that this feud will rage on into future season four episodes.

We will get out next dose of “Yellowstone” goodness tonight (Sunday) with the third episode of the fourth season.