‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Whips Crowd Into Frenzy With Speech at Celebrity Cutting Event

by Thad Mitchell

As the wise-cracking, trouble-making queen of “Yellowstone” Ranch, Kelly Reilly is beloved by fans of the Paramount Network series.

The “Yellowstone” star recently attended a Careity event in Fort Worth, Texas where she was also a guest speaker. Reilly took in a huge round of applause from the large crowd on hand for the event. She was introduced by Nic Sheridan, the wife of “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan inside a packed arena. The Beth Dutton star then proceeded to give the audience an excellent pep talk that brought most everyone to their feet. Reilly spoke on what starring in “Yellowstone” means to her and thanks fans for their support of the show. Reily’s appearance at the celebrity cutting event was captured on video by a few individuals in attendance. The video made its way to the internet and is the subject of a recent Reddit thread.

Some “Yellowstone” fans in attendance raved about the event and especially about Reilly’s speech. Fans share their thoughts on the event in the thread.

“Her natural voice is more pleasant than her TV accent,” a Reddit user writes. “Thanks for sharing. She is such a wonderful actress and plays Beth Dutton so perfectly.”

According to a couple of Redditors, Reilly wasn’t the only “Yellowstone” star in attendance at the event.

“Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) is there too and looking a lot more relaxed and at ease than he has been lately on the show!” another fan says. “Event organizers said that this year with the Yellowstone stars there, the event has been completely sold for the first time ever.”

Unaware of her natural accent, Some “Yellowstone” fans were shocked when they heard the English actress speak.

“The crowd took a huge pause because of her accent. lol,” another fan of the show says.

‘Yellowstone’ Latest Episode Airs Tonight (Sunday)

“Yellowstone” fans are assuredly ready for their next dose of modern western goodness. The show will air its latest episode tonight (Sunday) in what will be the fourth season’s sixth episode.

What will the second half of season four have in store for Kelly Reilly and Beth Dutton? It’s a question that a lot of “Yellowstone” fans are asking themselves.

In the most recent episode, she agrees to join forces with Market Equities, a firm that would like to take the “Yellowstone” property from the Dutton family. Beth is likely to do battle with Market Equities big wig Caroline Warner at some point this season. It will be the clash of the titans when tempers boil over between these two.

Where is Beth at with Carter? Is she willing to forgive his department store meltdown and move on? Rip Wheeler may have something to say about that as it looks like he is now the one wanting to keep Carter around.

We’ll find out tonight with a brand new season.