‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly’s Reaction to Season 4 Premiere Is Perfect

by John Jamison

Spoiler alert! If you didn’t get a chance to catch the Yellowstone Season 4 opener, you might want to circle back around to this.

The good news is that Outsider has enough non-spoiler-filled Yellowstone content to make your head spin. We recommend starting here.

With that out of the way, we can begin. We know for a fact that a ton of you Outsiders have come to see Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton as your favorite character on Yellowstone. We can’t blame you. Plenty of us are in the same boat. We could almost hear the sighs of relief when Beth emerged, hardly unscathed, from the Schwartz & Meyer building during the Season 4 opener. Kelly Reilly herself took to Instagram to celebrate her character’s survival.

It’s not as if Beth’s survival was a guarantee. That bomb meant business at the end of Season 3. And sure, she’s a beloved character; killing her off this early was unlikely. Even still, there was a little bit of doubt in our minds. What kinds of damage did that explosion inflict? Would she still be Beth?

Beth Dutton is Still Alive and Kickin’

Well, she answered that question the first moment we laid eyes on her. After walking out of that building, the first thing she did was try to bum a cigarette from a bystander. She’s still Beth, alright. And we couldn’t be more relieved.

Kelly Reilly’s almost disappointed that we were worried in the first place. At least, that’s the message she shared on Instagram, asking, “Didn’t doubt it, did you?”

The photo shows a behind-the-scenes shot of a camera monitor from the Yellowstone set. Kelly Reilly is pictured in the frame, complete with a “Beth Dutton in recovery” look. The scar on her cheek is in the process of healing. But let’s be honest, knowing Beth, she’s going to have earned plenty more by the time Season 4 concludes.

What’s in Store for Beth Dutton on Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’?

Look no further than Jon D.B.’s breakdown if you want a quick recap of Beth Dutton’s story through the first two installments of Season 4. We’ll go so far as to say there’s hardly a better Yellowstone voice out there.

But what’s awaits Beth in Season 4? Back in February, Kelly Reilly talked to ScreenRant about the fate that awaits her character. She couldn’t reveal much, but she promised “wonderful” things on the horizon.

“Yeah, the end of season three is a big cliffhanger. I’m not allowed to really say too much about whether or not I’m part of season four. In fact, I’m not allowed to say anything. What I can say is that season four has been shot, and that it’s wonderful what happens. I will say that,” said Reilly.