‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Teases Dark Fate for Kayce and Monica

by Thad Mitchell

The sweet smell of “Yellowstone” smell is in the air as we head into the weekend and await the season four premiere. We’ve all been as patient as we can be and now we get the payoff on Sunday evening at 8 p.m ET.

One of the more underrated aspects of “Yellowstone” is the romantic relationships shared by characters. Now, no one is going to confuse “Yellowstone” for a romance novel anytime soon but there romantic value to be found on the show. You have a blossoming romance like that of ranch hands Colby and Teeter. Then you have a long-enduring romance coming to fruition in Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton. You have a somewhat forbidden romance in John Dutton and Governor Lynelle Perry. We might even have a good ol’ fashion love triangle in the new season between Walker, Laramie and Lloyd.

The longest-standing romantic relationship on “Yellowstone” belongs to Kayce and Monica Dutton. They’re one of the only married couples on the show if you can believe that. Kayce and Monica have been through the wringer in three seasons but they have fought back to keep their love intact. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to be more of the same for the couple in season four. In a recent interview, Kelsey Asbille says dark times lie ahead, teasing the couple will “have it out” this season.

“It’s going to get dark and they’re going to have it out (Kayce and Monica) and they really need to,” she says.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Talks Dutton Family Dynamic

In something of a shocker, Asbille says the season four finale will focus on Monica and Kayce. She also says it will be an even bigger cliffhanger than the third season finale.

Say what?

“The end of this season for Kayce and Monica — I think it’s the biggest cliffhanger they’ve had so far,” she says.

Asbille also notes that Kayce and Monica aren’t the only Duttons that will struggle in season four. Tough times could also be ahead for their son, Tate Dutton.

“One thing I like about this season is that Tate is really struggling after the attack and also, like, just the burden of being Dutton,” she says. “So, Monica looks to her people and culture as a way of healing. There are some really beautiful moments in this season.”

These are some excellent teasers from Kelsey Asbille that are sure to whet your appetite — not that we needed more whetting.

“Yellowstone” season four premieres Sunday evening on the Paramount Network.