‘Yellowstone’: Star Kevin Costner Details Epic Video of Wife Catching a Fish Barehanded in 2019 Interview

by Jon D. B.

“I took her right back up to our room!” ‘Yellowstone’s’ incomparable Kevin Costner is all riles and smiles as he watches his wife, Christine Baumgartner, catch a fish with nothing but her bare hands.

What a catch. And the fish ain’t bad, either! While chatting with friend Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night talk show in 2019, Kevin Costner reveals a home video that’ll have every outdoorsman pining after his wife.

Within, Christine Baumgartner, who’s been married to ‘Yellowstone‘s’ lead since 2004, walks the shore “meticulously” before blowing her family’s mind.

“Do you mind if I share this video?” Kimmel laughs to Costner, a frequent fly-fishing pal.

“I called her… And I totally begged her to let us show it,” Costner smiles. “We’re just hanging out, and I saw her walking along the lake. She was looking at the water, and I was kind of unsure of what she was doing,” he recalls.

“She was so meticulous about what she was doing,” he says of Christine. “Somebody put the camera on her and I guess this is what we’re gonna see!”

And sure enough, walking barefoot along the shore, Christine thrusts her hands into the water and pulls out a sizeable freshwater fish. The deed is done as casually as pulling a rock from the ground as she grins in her summer dress.

This one you’ve got to see for yourself. Watch the feat at the 5:55 mark courtesy of ‘Jimmy Kimmel LIVE’ below:

Kevin talks about his recent induction into the Hall of Great Western Performers, growing up in Compton, his first job, and he shares a great video of his wife catching a fish with her bare hands.

Jimmy Kimmel LIVE

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“What, mom!?” one of the couple’s children screams. “You caught a fish!?”

Baumgartner turns and smiles to Costner and their kin on the shore. Then, as swiftly as she pulled the fish from the water, she tosses it out to their kids swimming in the lake. Good ol’ catch and release!

“That’s unbelievable!” Kimmel lauds. “That’s got to be exciting.”

“I took her right home. Took her right back up to our room,” Costner smirks to wild laughter. “I was very… I was thrilled with it,” he grins. “And I talked to her about her behavior…”

Relationship goals right here, ladies and gentlemen. Makes us ‘Yellowstone’ fans wonder if John Dutton and his late wife, Evelyn, passed the time in a similar fashion.